Batman #29 Review



What an issue!  The Batman: Zero Year is coming to its highest peak, and things are beginning to really shook Bruce’s world.  He’s young, inexperienced and tend to make mistakes.  While it’s very different than the Batman we known and love now, it’s great to see his struggles in his early careers.

The issue cuts between the Zero Year story with Bruce’s childhood, and we revisit the most traumatic moment of young Bruce’s life- his parents’ murders with a new look.  We see the last moment the family shared together, and it’s really heartbreaking.  It especially works well with the final panels in the issue, and it creates a powerful moment.  Writer Scott Snyder really captures Batman’s helplessness and you can feel a sense of dread in him.  He needs help, and he has no one to turn to.

The art is wonderful in the issue as well.  Capullo captures the style of the issue with great tones of adventure and sadness.  It especially occurs in the pages where the story focuses on the night of Bruce’s parents’ murders.  Knowing what’s going to happen, you can’t help it but feel sad what’s going to happen.  His art stands out the most with the page that’s similar to the cover of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.


It happens to be the opposite of Dark Knight Return’s cover.  It feels like a young Batman jumping into his career, and an old Batman jumping out of it.

A great issue that shows Batman’s troubles with his early career, and shines a new light of information on the night of Wayne family’s most tragic.  Can’t wait to see what’s going  to happen next.



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