One Piece Chapter 741 Review


Liar Usoland

Usopp finally summons the courage to save the Dwarfs.  While it’s great that Usopp is living up to his Brave warrior of the Sea persona, I don’t think it’s necessary at all for him to come clean with the Dwarfs.  It’s only going to break their hearts, and the little guys are already suffering enough.  Well, lucky these Dwarfs are really gullible, they forgive easily.  Anyway, this is your time to shine, so don’t disappoint us, Usopp.

Meanwhile, it seems like Oda is going to take a break from the current situations, and we’re getting Kyros (Thunder Soldier)’s flashbacks.  He is a troubled person who killed people before, and with King Riku’s mercy, he’s allowed for freedom after fighting 100 battles in the Colosseum.  He never leave the Colosseum again even after defeating 1000 battles.  What he wants the most is for people to forget that he’s a murderer, but no matter what he does, people will always remember him.  It seems ironic now that people forgot who he is upon him turning into a toy.

Personally, I think the chapter is a step up from last week’s, and it’s good that we finally get to see what Kyros looks like as a human.  At the same time, I hope Oda doesn’t spend too much time on the flashbacks, and get back to what’s going on currently already.



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