The Walking Dead #123 Review


All Out War Part 9 of 12.

Things are not going well for our main characters at all.  The Saviors are attacking them with their newly improved “bio-weapons,” and Rick got the first hit.  While it’s unknown what Robert Kirkman has planned for the series over all, it’s sure that things are not going to be the same when All Out War is over.

Rick and his survivors clearly have something planned,  but Kirkman is doing a great job hiding it.  Instead, we see The Saviors’ plans, and they’re working effectively.  It’s also not good to see Rick being so optimistic.  While it’s great to reassure characters like Andrea, for readers who’ve been reading the series for a long time, we know things are going to turn bad.  Now that Rick got shot in the gut with  Dwight’s bolt, he better has an escape plan or things will be too late.

It’s really annoying which side Dwight’s really on.  He hates Negan and things, but why doesn’t he just kill him on the spot already?  I think it’s because Rick’s plan is to have The Saviors to see what kind of monster Negan really is before killing him.  That way, the remaining members will not retaliate.  This is what I believe, let me know what you think.

Also, I don’t think Rick is infected with walker gunk with that wound.  If I remember correctly, Dwight didn’t put any on his bolts.  But it doesn’t mean Rick is free from something dangerous either.



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