The Walking Dead “The Grove” Review



Oh man, that was really, really upsetting.  I know this is coming, but it’s still shocking when it finally happened.  It’s a real emotional, and powerful episode, and it definitely makes up the slowness from last week.

Let’s go straight to the point- Lizzie killed Mika this episode, believing she will be back.  She’s been showing signs of a psychopath for the longest time, and it’s really bizarre how she refers the walkers as her friend.  She plays around with them, feeds them like pets and gets really upset when Carol killed one of them.  It’s strange where she gets the idea from in the first place, and it’s sad that no one really does anything before it’s too late.

Anyone who read the comic series see this coming from miles away.  Lizzie killing Mika is essentially Ben killing Billy.  It shows the danger of having children growing up in this kind of world, and how they might get confused with the concept of life.  However, it doesn’t completely justify her reasons.  The truth is, we don’t know how Lizzie is like before everything, and she might have been a sociopath before the whole thing anyway.  She was been cold and distant from most things, and the only time she shows emotion is with the death of a walker.  She almost smothered Judith to death just the other episode; it’s interesting how the writers manage to put this tiny emotional moment to have us feeling something for her death.

Man, it’s really painful watching Carol killing Lizzie.  Lizzie is all crying and screaming while Carol told her to look at the flowers.  It’s excruciating and emotional, especially Lizzie doesn’t even know what Carol is about to do.  She says “please don’t be mad at me,” not knowing what’s about to happen.  It’s really too sad.  Just remember to look at the pretty flowers.

Melissa McBride does a wonderful job as Carol in the episode, and you can really feel her pains.  She’s doing whatever she can for the two girls, and at the same time, she has to fight her urges to tell Tyreese what happened to Karen.  She loves the girls like daughters, and she begins to see Sophia in them again, especially the young and innocent Mika.  After some painful decision and both girls are dead, Carol has nothing to lose anymore and decides to tell Tyreese what really happened.  She’s has no idea what the man before him will do, and she’s ready to die at that moment.  Honestly, I really thought Lizzie killed Karen and dragged her body out.  Hey, at least we’re confirmed that Lizzie is the one who’s been feeding the walkers rat.

It’s also a powerful moment to have Tyreese and Carol finding Mika’s dead body, especially with Judith playing not too far away.  It’s strange that Lizzie comes to the decision of killing her own sister though, because she was just saving her earlier in the episode.  But man, knowing that Judith can easily been killed in this episode sends chills down my spine.  Lizzie almost killed Judith few episodes ago, it wouldn’t be a surprise something like that can happen again.

Poor Mika, she symbolizes hope and the remaining innocent this world needs, and it’s especially hard for Carol to have to go through this again.  Carol is really starting to see Sophia in Mika, and it’s extra heartbreaking to have her taken away.


Tyreese watches from afar as Carol shot Mika from the back of the head.  He understands how much Carol loves the girls, and it’s something she doesn’t want to do, but has to do.  This is why Tyreese forgives Carol for killing Karen.  Without wanting to, Tyreese understand Carol’s reason to kill Karen, and he understands Carol is the type of person who only does what needs to be done.  If Carol decides to tell Tyreese the truth earlier than that scene, who knows how Tyreese would act though.

It’s interesting how most of the survivors came up with the same idea that maybe they should just live at their current hideouts.  However, dangers always come around the corner and they have to move on to somewhere safer.  Just exactly is waiting for them at Terminus is a mystery, but anywhere is better than their current whereabouts.

Also, what’s the deal with that fire?  Is it the same house Daryl and Beth burned down in “Still?”

Overall, this is a strong episode that delivers strong moments we’re not going to forget soon.  Rest in peace Lizzie and Mika, we will be sure to miss you.



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