10 Things I Noticed From DC June 2014 Solicitations

Things I noticed from June 2014 Solicitations.

1. Doom Patrol:


Justice League #32 mentions the return of Doom Patrol!  They’re already in Forever Evil, but it’s defeated miserably by the Crime Syndicated.  It’s not going to stop them though, as Doom Patrol is going to make a proper introduction that’s going to pit against Lex Luthor’s Justice League.

2. Wally West:


Not only is Wally West making an introduction in April, it seems like he’s going to be a important role in Flash storylines.  Most importantly, Flash #32’s solicitation reads: “Barry tries to repair his fractured relationship with Wally West!”  Just what exactly does this mean?

3. Geoff Johns on Superman:


After Aquaman and Green Lantern, Geoff Johns is tackling the Man of Steel himself.  I know a lot of people are not big Johns’ fans, but his story is usually simple and straight to the point, and it attracts people like me who doesn’t like to think too much when reading comics.  Besides, Superman title has been damaged enough by Scott Lobdel already, so how bad can it be?

Mentioning Lobdell…

4. Stop Writing, Scott Lobdell:


Scott Lobdell is back on Red Hood and the Outlaws, and that’s a horrible news.  Just look at the image above, his first issue back, and Starfire is already portrayed as a slut again.  The worst thing is not over yet.  Secret Origins #3 is going to retell Red Robin’s origin story, because the first one done by Lobdell is so horrible.  But for some genius reason, DC thinks the person who screwed up last time should write the origin again.  Oh man, why god why?

How much di*k did Lobdell suck to get this job?

5. Larfleeze Ends:


Only one casualty this month.  Not bad.

6. Solicitations switches:


So what’s going on with this month’s solicitations moving around?  Batman/Superman moved May’s story to June.  Supergirl moved the cover from May’s issue to June’s.  Anyway, don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s interesting to note.

7. Justice League United Faces-Off Lobo:


The new Lobo is facing off Justice League United member in the issue, especially going one-on-one with Hawkman.  We haven’t seen much of this Lobo yet since the Villain Month, so it’s great to see him again.

8. Tiny Titans Return:


Six-part miniseries is not enough!  We need more Tiny Titans!

9. Batman’s Search for Damina’s Body Comes to an End:


June’s Batman & Ra’s Al Ghul #32 brings an end to Batman’s journey in search of Damian’s body.  It’s unknown what’s coming out of this journey, but there’s no sign that Damian is coming back to life.  Or, I’m just hoping he won’t come back to life.

10. Batman and Joker Celebration:


DC is releasing a Batman and Joker collections to celebrate Batman’s 75 year anniversary.  The collections are similar to last year’s Superman collection.  The collection are $40 each, and it can be kind of expensive, but it definitely a great collection for all Batman fans.


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