Bates Motel “Caleb” Review


Eh, no…

This episode opens a whole different can of worms.  Caleb is Norma’s brother that revealed to have rapped her before.  It was a very touchy matter, and something we first learned back in season one when she uncomfortably revealed the information to Norman.  Oh man, how the past come back to haunt everyone.  The worst thing?  It’s revealed that Dylan is actually the product of the incest.  Oh god…

A lot of fan already speculated who Dylan’s father is back in season one.  He doesn’t have the same father as Norman, and from what we learned, Norma never has more than one marriages.  In addition to Norma’s coldness towards Dylan and her traumatic past with her brother, it’s not difficult to guess where Dylan really come from.  It’s great and all that Dylan bonded easily with his father/uncle, but now that he knows the truth, how is he going to react now?  How is he going to feel about himself?

Meanwhile, other than her brother appearing, Norma is taking a big step fitting into the small town society.  She befriends Christine, the director of the play she auditioned, and is invited to her big party.  Norma suffers last season as the outcast of the town, and it’s finally time she becomes one of them.  It’s also interesting that there’s a possible romantic relationship between Norma and Christine’s brother George.  It’s always great to have Norma in a romantic relationship, because it always ends in tragedy.

Meanwhile, it’s funny that she wins the crowd over with a very ominous death joke.  It takes a whole town full of shady characters to think a joke about falling down the Grand Canyon is funny.  Meanwhile, mentioning shady, Norma runs into a very shady character that also believe the overpass is a bad idea.  It’s unknown who he is exactly, but knowing this show, he can’t be a good person.

It’s sad that even after Bradley left the show already, she’s still the center of Norman’s life.  However, new comer Cody might actually help to make things different.  It’s still unknown what kind of impact she’s going to bring to Norman’s life, but she shows red flags here and there already.  Especially the strange comment she has about sneaking in and out of her house.

By the way, it’s great to see Emma finally doing something aside from Norman.  It’s obvious that she had the biggest crush on Norman, and that’s not good for her at all.  While I don’t really like the stoner guy she’s with right now, but I’m sure it’s still better than Norman.

The fight between Norman and Dylan is once again shown how obsess he is with his mother.  He knows the truth about Norma being rapped before, so he becomes defensive.  However, it doesn’t mean he has to lose control on his brother.  Things are going darker and darker with our young psychopath, and I can’t wait to see what’s happening next.



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