Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Wormquake” Review


A nice little cameos.

Nickelodeon once again delivered us an awesome two-parter event.  Not only is “Wormquake” an action-packed episode, it also introduces us new characters, new concept, and return of some old faces.

Shredder makes a return from Japan in the episode with a new character- Tiger Claw.  A mutant since child, and trained to be deadly assassin.  Shredder quickly makes Tiger Claw his second in command, and it deeply upsets Karai.  Tiger Claw is cool and all, but he can come out a little too strong.  The origins of the character is not clear, and he wants to take over things right away.  This type of characters are usually not popular with fans.  The only reason Tiger Claw works at all is because he is truly badass.  Well, at least until he’s eaten by a space worm monster.  A lot like Boba Fett.

The fight between Tiger Claw and Splinter is awesome.  Especially the the Japanese exchanges between the two.  It brings an authenticity to the characters, and another cool moment from Splinter.  The fight is great and it shows off how great a fighter Splinter is.  Too bad the fight is cut short though, as Karai comes out of no where and kidnaps Splinter.

The biggest thing in the episode has to be the small cameo from the 1987 Turtles.  Our Turtles found a Kraang device where they can travel to different dimensions, and they see their 1987 incarnations.  “It’s us! Why do we look like dorks?”  It’s cool and all to see our old favorites, but I was hoping to see more of them.  When the producers talked about season 2 back during the season break, they mentioned the 1987 Turtles making an appearance.  I was hoping they will make a bigger role than this, and it’s kind of a disappointment to see them only making brief appearance without bigger roles.  Well, it’s a high possibility we’re going to see these Turtles again, and the episode ends with Tiger Claw stuck at that world.  It’s also rumored that Rocksteady and Bebop are making an appearance in the series, so Tiger Claw might return with those two as henchmen?  Wouldn’t that be cool.


The episode also tells us where the Mutagens are from, and it’s pretty gross.  They’re some sort of milk from giant space worms, and it’s strange how we have these monsters hidden beneath us this whole time without knowing it.  It’s dangerous to have the worm around, and it’s great that April has control over it.  The final showdown between Turtles and Shredder’s men is awesome, and it’s good to see our heroes are finally able to stand a fight against Shredder’s henchmen.  It’s also great that April comes out of no where with the space worm, and have Tiger Claw swallowed whole- a lot like Boba Fett again.

All the characters play a significant role in the episode, and I’m starting to like the idea that Casey Jones is an important member of the team now.  There are some group dynamics going on here, and it’s working out great.  Can’t believe I ever hated this guy, very shameful of me.

The ending has the 1987 Turtles face-off Tiger Claw, who’s trapped there with the giant space worm.  All I can say is good luck, Turtles.  You guys are going to have a tough time fighting this one.

On the other side, we also have Karai spying on our heroes’ one big happy family.  She begins to question the truth behind her identity, and it’s a strong possibility that she will actually join our hero’s side soon.  In reality though, we know things are never that easy, but it’s something we will have to deal with in another episode.



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