Mr. Peabody & Sherman Review


Tough history lessons.

“Mr. Peabody & Sherman” is a movie that’s based on the cartoon “Peabody’s Improbable History.”  The show, similar to the movie’s opening sequences, deals with a genius dog named Peabody and his adopted son Sherman and their adventures through history.  The big difference?  Mr. Peabody actually cares about Sherman this time around.  Sherman is no longer just Peabody’s human pet and lab assistant.  He’s Peabody’s human son which he cares about deeply.  It’s a great decision the filmmakers made, and it brings a deeper depth between the two characters’ relationship.

After Sherman biting a classmate named Penny at school, Peabody decides to invite Penny and her family over to smooth thing over.  After leaving the two kids alone for a while, Sherman decides to show Penny the WABAC, the time machine Peabody invented, and specifically told Sherman not to show Penny.  Well, you can guess the rest.  Penny and Sherman travel through time and cause trouble through history, and it’s up to Peabody to fix the problems.

The movie takes you through some memorable historical times include Ancient Egypt,  Renaissance Florence  and the famous Trojan War.  The adventures are fun, and it allows viewers to see how brilliant Mr. Peabody really is.  He can solve Ancient puzzles easily, and befriends important historical figures such as da Vinci.  But most importantly, the movie is the journey for the father and son duo to find each others.  There’s no deny in Peabody’s love for his son, and he can be overbearing sometime.  It’s Penny’s job to encourage Sherman to come out of his shell, and it’s okay to disobey his father every once in a while.  It might lead to Peabody calling his son a “bad body,” but overall, it allows Peabody to see his son under a different light and trust him more than before.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Official Trailer 1 (2013) (Screengrab)

Penny’s character is confusing to me.  At first she hates Sherman and the idea that he has a dog for a father, but she then quickly becomes an ally and helps Sherman becoming more independent.  She might be one of those people who typically bullies their crushes, but she can be a little too much from time to time.  I don’t like her right away, and the redemption that comes later doesn’t help either.  If anything, I found it a little too forced.

The movie builds up high early on.  The jokes are funny, and the situation matters.  However, half-way through, the movie falls flat.  The movie isn’t as funny as before, and it feels like the filmmakers are trying to rush to the end.  A lot of different characters from different time periods in the risk of tempering history?  I don’t think Mr.Peabody will ever allow that to happen.  The only point here is so Peabody can show that he trusts his son, and general public can see how good a father Peabody is to Sherman.  Again, the whole thing feels really rushed and the movie falls flat at the end.

Overall, Mr. Peabody & Sherman is a movie that focuses on the father/son relationship between the two title characters.  It might not be funny from time to time, but it does teach us the important lesson that loves come in all different shapes and forms.



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