Muppets Most Wanted Review


Sure I can make an appearance in the movie.  I have nothing better to do anyway.“~ Celine Dion.

The Muppets are back again!  The 2011 movie reboot was such a big hit, we have another chance to revisit our favorite character again.  The result is another 113 minutes of fun, musical adventure you won’t soon forget.

The movie picks up directly after the end of the previous film, and the Muppets got a new manager, Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais), who brings them on a tour across Europe.  However, it turns out Badguy is really like his name, a bad guy.  His real plan is to replace Kermit the Frog with his international criminal boss Constantine, who happened to look exactly like Kermit aside from a mole.  The two of them will use the Muppets tour as a ruse for breaking into famous European museums, and ultimately stealing the Crown Jewels.

First thing first, I have to mention that the movie is not as good as the previous film, and that’s okay.  The movie often breaks the fourth-wall, and they know they’re in a sequel movie and it’s not going to be as good as the previous one.  The first song in the movie is called “We’re Doing a Sequel,” and it talks about the difficulties a sequel movie usually encountered.  The lyrics even mentions how sequel is never quite as good.  But hey, it doesn’t mean the movie is not fun or satisfying.


It’s great to see the gang all back together for another adventure, and a tour is a great idea.  It allows us to see the Muppets at different places, and different cameos with the country the’re in.  Selma Hayek, Diddy and Christoph Waltz are just some of noticeable cameos the Muppets encountered during their tour.  Meanwhile, there are some great stars and cameos at Siberian Gulag, the prison, as well.  Tina Fey does a great job as the warden of Gulag, and it’s funny seeing Donny Trejo, Jemaine Clement and many other cameos.  The movie is like a big orgy of celebrity cameos, and everyone is invited.

I’m not too found of some of the cameos though.  I’m not going to mention who it is, but you can guess with my little header above.

However, despite all the wonderful performers, the movie still lacks the most important thing: music.  The movie doesn’t have the memorable songs the first movie has, and it’s really quite a shame.  The sequel lost Jason Segel from the first movie, and he was the main man behind the music.  Sadly, it doesn’t feel like a Muppet movie without great music, and they hardly play any of the classic either.  Well, at least we got a Spanish version of The Muppet Show Theme.

Out of all the stars, it is Ty Burrell that stands out the most.  Burrell plays Jean Pierre Napoleon, a French Interpol inspector that works with Sam Eagle on finding Constantine.  The duo are very funny together, and they even performed the most memorable song together.  My only problem is that he’s not in the movie long enough, and it feels really disappointed when he’s not around.

The movie also suffer some minor pacing problems.  Most part of the movie is great and all, but the part with Gulag can be quite stale and boring.  It feels a little detach from the main storyline.  However, things soon pick up at the prison once Kermit begins to teach prisoners how to dance.  Yeah, there’s some great moment there, and we get to see some actors dance and sing like we never seen them before, such as Ray Liotta and Donny Trejo.


Tiny Fey plays Nadya, the warden at Gulag.  Her character is great, and you can tell that Fey is having a great time playing the character with a goofy accent.  Nadya can tell that Kermit is not actually Constantine, but she keeps him in the prison anyway.  At first I have no idea why she does that, but it is later revealed that she’s actually a big fan of Kermit, and even has a shrine of him.  While it explains why she keeps Kermit around, the obsession never really play off at the end.  At the end, Nadya is able to let Kermit and the gang go, but not without a proper send-off performance.

Overall, it’s exciting to see The Muppets return for another fun and exciting adventure.  While the movie doesn’t feature the same great music as the first movie, it’s still a great laugh all and all.  Besides, how can you turn away from Kermit and the gang?  They’re so much fun.



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