The Walking Dead “Us” Review


Things are always better if you have a little hope.

“Us” is essentially the set up for next week’s finale.  The characters are finally united, and the pieces are set.  Everyone is going to the same place, and some of them are even there already.  All different groups of people are going to collide at Terminus, and what’s going to happen is everyone’s guess.

The biggest event this week is Glenn and Maggie are finally reunited at last.  It’s been a long journey for those two, and it’s great to see them together again.  However, I can’t help it but feel grim.  It feels too good to be true, and I’m seeing Jin and Sun all over these two.  It’s especially ominous when they burned Maggie’s picture together.  Oh man, I hope nothing happens to these two, and I don’t think my heart can take it.

Tara feels guilty for what happened to Glenn and his people, so she’s obligated to help Glenn and his quest.  Like Rosita said, Glenn might be a little too tough on Tara, and he needs to tone down a bit.  This leads him to try to sacrifice himself in the tunnel to save Tara.  However, it’s a bit out of the character for him to do this.  Why would Glenn come so far to almost see Maggie again, just to throw everything away at the last second?  By the way, did you guys see it coming that Maggie’s group is what Eugene spotted on the track?  It’s a moment that purely works on coincidence, and I love it.  Sometime a little bit of trust and fate are what we needed.


Abraham and his gang received more spotlight this episode, and that’s a wonderful thing.  Ever since their initial introduction, the gang has been kind of one-noted, and it’s hard for us to tell what they’re really about.  While most of them are still one-noted, we do get to understand them better.  It turns out that they’re all good people who’re willing to help others in need.  The only problem is that they have more important mission on hand to care about others, but when things come to shove, they’re people you can count on.  Abraham gives Glenn the supplies he needs, and Rosita cares for their safety.  They seem like a good fit for Rick and his people, and I can wait for them to join up.

Eugene really surprises me this week.  He talks and acts like a true nerd, and it’s funny to see him barking on the wrong tree with Tara.  Despite all that, he turns out to be a person who cares for others as well.  He purposely tricking his group so he can wait for Glenn and Tara is touching.  This adds another layer to Eugene’s character than his comic book counterpart doesn’t have, and I’m looking forward to see the more of him.

Meanwhile, Joe’s group is a whole different story.  He has some strange rules enforced at his group, and breaking them will receive some heavy beatings.  Quite honestly, I still have no idea what his deal is, and why he’s so eager to have Daryl to join his group.  All I know is, despite his polite mannerism, Joe and his group are not good people.  They’re heading towards Terminus now, and very close to Rick, Carl and Michonne.  Things are not going to play well when that happen, and it’s all going down next week.

In truth, I actually kind of like Joe.  I don’t mind if he survives next week, and I would like to see him traveling with Rick’s group.  It’s an atrocity I know, but he can bring the threat to the group like before Shaun’s death.  Besides, Jeff Kober is a wonderful actor, and it would be an honor for The Walking Dead to have him around more.


Daryl is in some tough situations here.  He’s not rogue enough to be part of Joe’s group yet, but he cannot simply walk away from them either.  Part of it is because the loss of Beth is too much for him, and he doesn’t want to be alone.  Another part is because he knows how dangerous it is for him to walk away from this group.  He’s not too far gone yet, but he’s getting there.  He was going to put a blanket over the corpse like what Beth taught him, but he then soon scoffs it off.  Also, it seems like he’s playing the “claimed” game by the end of the episode too.  Save him Rick, we need our sweet Daryl back.

We finally get to see Terminus by the end of the episode.  The place has a overly sunshine vibe, and I don’t have a good feeling about it at all.  Mary and her cooking is super suspicious as well.  Oh man, one can only guess what Terminus is really about.  It means “the end” after all…

Overall, “Us” is a great episode that builds up for the finale next week.  It’s hard to guess what’s going to happen exactly, but we can guess a thing or two.



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