Bates Motel “Check-Out” Review


Crazy as crazy goes.

What a powerful episode!  Bates Motel has been a great show, and this episode takes thing to a whole different level.  Being the prequel to Psycho, we already know how things are going to turn out and that’s great.  It makes things even more powerful when it finally happens.

We have seen Norman talking to an imaginary version of his mother before, but this is the first time he actually acts as his mother, something he will be doing in Psycho.  I really though the whole confrontation scene with Caleb will play out differently.  Maybe he will get into a fight with Caleb, and kills him at the end.  I didn’t know he’s actually going to confront him as Norma herself!  I know it’s a weird thing to be excited about, but it only means Norman is not far away from becoming the horrifying psycho who hate to love.

The mother/son relationship takes a whole different level of creepy in this episode.  The way Norman holds Norma from behind in bed is really, really yucky.  We already know they have a very unhealthy couple-ish relationship, but nothing as bad as this.  Also, the way Norman comforts his mother, and Norma just receives it, and his worrisome when his mother will be home..etc.  So unhealthy, and so cringe worthy.

Dylan and Norma have some breakthrough this episode too.  Like I said last week, Dylan begins to question his entire existence and confronts Norma about it.  While it’s true that Norma used her pregnancy with Dylan as an excuse, but it came from a whole different place.  Norma needs to leave the abusive family, and she has no way to do so unless she tricks her then boyfriend to marry her.  It’s a powerful moment from Norma, and it shines some light on Norma’s past.  Mentioning her past, we get to learn more about Caleb in this episode as well.  There’s no way he’s a good guy, and he’s not denying raping her sister either.  I don’t know what he meant by he didn’t exactly rape her sister, but I think I have an idea or two.  Don’t want to be on this prick’s side at all, but is it possible that the sex was actually consensual, or Norma has a change of heart later on?  Again, not justifying anything, but just stating a theory.  It seems like Caleb is leaving the town already, but I’m sure we will see more of him later on.

Also, did you notice the way Norma is looking at Dylan when he’s unconscious?  It’s the same look she has on Norman all the time.  Can this be because Caleb is in town, she’s beginning to remember how things were?  This might further proven that what happened was consensual.  Okay, that’s enough of this.  Moving on.

It’s great we get more focuses on Emma this episode.  She is a great character, and she really deserved more spotlight.  The episode begins with her waking up next to Gunner, the stoner guy she seemingly hooked up with last episode.  The guy claimed they two didn’t have sex, then why is she only in bras?  The guy is shady, and I don’t like it.  Also, Norman should really treat Emma better.  She’s been great to the Bates family, and doesn’t deserve to be brushed off like that.  Or maybe is a good thing she’s been brushed off.  Nothing good will come to being too close to that family.

Romero gives Zane a fair warning of how things work in the town, but he doesn’t listen and burns down Romero’s house instead.  You don’t mess around with Romero and his town, and so we’re sure some seriously stuff will go down next week.



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