BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review


A great conclusion to BioShock Infinite.

Burial at Sea Episode 2 is a great DLC that concludes the story of BioShock Infinite once and for all.  If anything, it even brings a proper conclusion to both Rapture and Columbia.  Great story, great gameplay and even brand new elements to the franchise.  This is the BioShock DLC we’ve been waiting for.

The game lets you plays as Elizabeth for the first time, and the change is good.  The gamepaly is differently already, because Elizabeth doesn’t have the health or strength like Booker’s, and the game strongly recommends players to take a stealth gameplay.  Hide away from your opponents, and take them down from behind.   This is the first time a BioShock game has players to stealth approach their opponents, and it’s a great change of pace.  At the same time, it’s even possible to finish the game without killing an enemy at all.

There is a new Plasmid ability to help your stealth mission easier too called Pepping Tom.  The ability allows you to look through walls for your enemies, or stay invisible to either approach your them, or sneak away.  You even get a new crossbow which definitely helps quietly killing enemies easier.  There are also different darts to choose from: tranquilizing darts, poison gas darts and loud bell darts to attract your foes.  Personally, I love to attract my enemies to the same place with the bell darts, and poison them to death with a single poison gas dart.


The game begins with Elizabeth in Paris, a place she always want to go.  Then the hard truth of reality hit, and it turns out Elizabeth never left Rapture after the event of first Burial at Sea DLC, and she’s captured by Atlas and his people.  Not only that, she’s starting to see Booker’s ghost.  Elizabeth still wants Sally back, but Atlas has her captured as well.  He will let Sally go, only if Elizabeth can help him escape from this underwater prison.  Throughout the game, Elizabeth will slowly realize that there was never really a choice for her, as most of  decision is to lead her to who she is right now, a killer.  It’s important that she turns into who she is today, and there are many characters pulling the strings along the way.  Most importantly, Elizabeth is going to realize that she’s an important piece of the puzzle, and her decisions will ultimately lead to the downfall of Rapture.  The game also has a lot of call backs to the original BioShock game, and it’s great if you’r fans of Easter Eggs.  At the end, it turns out Elizabeth always has a choice, and what she chooses will matter eventually.

The game also answers and explains the connection between Columbia and Rapture.  Why the two worlds have so many similar technologies and weaponry, and why the constants and variables are there.  Overall, the game introduces new gameplay elements to the BioShock franchise, and answers many questions we’ve been waiting for.  BioShock Infinite originally came out about a year ago, and it’s amazing that one year later we’re still being in awe with this world.

There will always be a lighthouse, a man and a city.



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