One Piece Chapter 742 Review


I’ll Always Be Close To You.

This chapter continues Kyros’ flashback.  It’s a typical story of good girl falling in love with bad boy, and bad boy is forever changed because of it.  While it’s the kind of love story we’ve heard many, many times before, it still gets me, and it is still a great one.

It’s sad that what Kyros always wanted is for people to forget him, and it didn’t happen until he doesn’t want to be forgotten anymore.  He was chained by Doflamingo and he cut off his leg trying to save Dold, resulting him turning into a one-legged toy.  The saddest part is when toy Kryos carrying his dying wife in his hands, but she doesn’t remember who he is at all.  Even when dying, she cannot have a proper goodbye with her love one.

Back in present, Usopp is beaten badly by the enemies, and things look dire.  At the end, Sugar didn’t eat the Tatababasco grape, and Usopp ate it instead.  The result is Usopp making a funny face, and Sugar passes out upon seeing the face.  It’s great that their plan works at the end, one way or another, but it’s a real disappointment Oda been using that face a lot recently.  Ever since Enel first used the face before, this is like what, the third or fourth time Oda uses the face?  And we had one just couple chapters ago when Luffy shows his surprise reaction.  Just feel like it’s a little overused these days.

Overall, this is a great chapter with a very touching story.  The ending has Sugar passing out, so it’s most likely we’re going to see all the toys turning back to humans next chapter.  We shall wait and find out.



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