Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1 Review


Amanda Waller: Solider, leader, decision maker.

Amanda Waller, leader of A.R.G.U.S. and the Task Force X, aka Suicide Squad.  She’s not a mysterious character per say, as most of her past has already been dealt with in books such as Suicide Squad #0, or Team 7.  It is interesting that DC decides to give her the one-shot though, as we get a chance to see exactly what makes Amanda Waller Amanda Waller.  It’s not the decision she makes, but that fact she has to live with it.

Being the leader of Suicide Squad, Amanda has to put criminals into difficult decisions, and sometime killing them.  It turns out that Amanda Waller isn’t as cold as she let people to believe.  A lot of decision she made has been haunting her, and she has to learn to deal with it.

The story in this issue, however, is kind of weak.  It doesn’t deal with the Suicide Squad at all, but some random guy with his random experiment.  Well, I guess that’s what one-shot is, focusing on the character instead of the story.

Overall, it’s an interesting issue that develops Amanda Waller’s character even more.  Suicide Squad is coming to an end soon, hopefully we will get to see Amanda Waller around somewhere.



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