The Superior Spider-Man #30 Review


Goblin Nation #4

The final story arc of The Superior Spider-Man series just reach an all time high.  Doc Ock begins to understand that he was never in control of the situation, and his arrogance is getting the best of him.  He causes the mess in the city, and there’s nothing to do now, but to clean up the mess.  Otto cannot do this anymore, and he’s giving the body back to Peter.

It’s a dangerous move for Peter to let Otto knows his existence, but it pays off nicely.  Otto actually deletes his entire memories, and gives the body back to Peter Parker.  It’s a powerful moment that allows Peter to regain control of his body once again, but I can’t help it but feel they rushed the story here.  It’s an important moment, and they should really slow it down for us to take it in properly.  But man, that was really cool when Peter puts on his classic Amazing Spider-Man costume again.  I didn’t know how much I miss it until there.

Also, I don’t believe Doc Ock is completely gone.  There might always be a little bit of him hiding somewhere inside Peter, just like there was a little bit of Peter hiding there.  Also, what happened to Doc Ock’s body?  Maybe that will have something to do with Doc Ock’s return as well.

There’s only one issue left in The Superior Spider-Man before it becomes The Amazing Spider-Man once again.  There are still a lot to deal with, and hopefully the ending won’t be disappoint.

What am I talking about, of course it won’t.  Peter Parker is back!



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