The Walking Dead #124 Review


All out War Part 10 of 12.

Well, it turns out Negan’s bio-weaponry actually works, who would think of that?  Nicholas and many others who have been cut by The Saviors are beginning to have fever, and it’s only a matter of time before they turn.  I’m never a big fan of Nicholas’, but he’s been putting his own weight recently, and it’s sad to see him go.

Meanwhile, I guess it’s safe for us to assume Rick is going to be fine.  He has a more serious wound than everyone else, and he’s not showing signs of having a fever at all.  Dwight might not actually put any walker gunk on his bolt after all.  Also, it doesn’t seem like even Rick knows what Dwight’s deal is.

The fight at Hilltop continues into night in this issue, even though I don’t know how.  It was bright daylight last issue, and it just suddenly turned dark here?  Despite that, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun reading the fight in darkness.  Once again, Kirkman manages to find a new way to entertain his readers.

It’s great seeing how much Eugene’s character developed in this arc.  He takes initiative with the group, and he manages to actually display his wisdom by distracting the walkers, and taking down the enemy on top of the roof.  It’s funny how Eugene’s character is being developed in the comic series, and he is also being developed in the TV series as well.  I would never imagine it will come a day I say I like Eugene, and well, it’s happening now.

Overall, the issue takes a to a new direction and threat for our survivors.  There’re only two issues left before the war is over, and it’s still everyone’s guess who’s going to walk out of it alive.



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