The Walking Dead “A” Review


Screwing with the wrong people.

So, that concluded season 4 of The Walking Dead.  We finally get to see what Terminus is all about, and it’s really creepy over there.  Things are not looking too good for our survivors, and man, are they screwing with the wrong people.  A powerful line delivered by Rick to end the season, and it’s exciting to see where next season will take us.  Don’t forget, Tyreese and Carol are still heading towards here, and they might just be our survivors’ way out.

This season is basically a long journey of Rick’s character arc.  It begins with Rick taken a backstage from being proactive, to him finally decides to take everything back once again.  The question this season really is “who I am?”  Carl has been questioning their morality these days, and he has no idea who they are.  Are our survivors good people. or are they bad?  The line of morality is really thin now, and it’s basically comes down to what you have to do to survive.  This is where our survivors and others, such as Joe and his marauders draw the line.  These people go out of their way to hurt others, and it’s not something our survivors will do, well at least not yet.

It’s a bone chilling scene when Joe and his people caught up with Rick’s group, and everything seems dire.  They’re clearly outnumbered, and Carl is about to be raped.  There’s nothing Rick can do, but to bite a chunk out of Joe’s neck.  A powerful moment that gives everyone an opportunity to fight back.  Rick doing anything he could do survive is the essential truth of how this world is.  You have to do whatever to survive, even if it blurs the line between you and the walkers.  This scene is actually taken directly from the comic series, and I should have see it coming.  It’s especially a tease that the episode opens with a teaser of the aftermath of the confrontation, and we see Rick sitting by the car all by himself.  It’s easy for us to speculate the situation goes way more out of hand, and maybe Michonne, Daryl and Carl are all dead or something.  Again, good job on keeping us on our seats, Walking Dead.

Jeff Kober is a really good actor, and I was hoping we will see more of him next season.  Oh well, Joe deserved it; he’s really an ass.


It’s good to see Hershel again, and how Rick’s transforms into the farmer self.  It’s a process where Hershel talks Rick’s into, and it’s mainly to show Carl how things could be.  He has to be the role model for his son, and how things should be.  Another theme of the second half of the second is the relationship between Rick and Carl.  Carl has been afraid of the adults around him, because he’s afraid of what these people are capable of.  It reality, he’s also afraid of himself, because of what he has done, or can do in the future.  Carl needs his father to show him what’s right, exactly like what Hershel said before.

Carl comes clean with Michonne is a beautiful moment.  Not only we finally understand what this kid is up to, we also finally learned what exactly happened to her boyfriend and her kid.  Now we know Michonne’s pets origins, we have to appreciate how far the character has come to be.

Now the fun stuff:

It’s not clear what Terminus is all about, but the phrases written on the wall might give us a clue- “Never again. Never trust. We first always.”  It seems like they might be a group of people who were hurt by other before, and they’re just overly cautious.  Then again, why would an overly cautious group of people have signs to invite strangers to join their group?  They might been hurt before, but they’re definitely not good people.  What kind of good people take others’ belongings if they meant well?  If you read the comic series, it’s easy to guess what these people’s deal really is.  They’re the Hunters, a group of cannibal people that eat other survivors.  They invite strangers to their hideout, keep them alive, and eventually cook them.  This explains why they keep our heroes alive, because it’s the easiest way to preserve their “food.”  You see the mysterious meat they have on the grill, those are probably human meat.  Again, these are just speculation.  This might really be good people after all (doubt it).

Also, how eager are the Terminus people that they put on things they took from others right away?

Overall, The Walking Dead season 4 answers the question of what kind of people are survivors really is.  While different circumstances requires them to be really different people, they are, overall, good people.  They do what they need to survive, and they won’t purposely go out of their way to hurt ones they don’t deserved it.  The episode itself is powerful, and it ends on a cliffhanger that will have us asking for more.  What exactly is going to happen to our survivors is a mystery, and it will be fun to see how they will get out of it.



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