Bates Motel “The Escape Artist” Review

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Teen drama!

“The Escape Artist” is mainly the bad side of Bates Motel- the teen dramas.  I still remember back when the show first debuted, I was really afraid it will focus too much on the teen drama aspects.  While that’s not mainly the case, the show still goes there every once in a while.  This episode focuses on the teen romance, and it can be quite boring.

I’ve been liking Cody since she first appeared couple episodes ago, but even I have a problem with her attitude as well.  It seems like she’s from a troubled family with an abusive father, so I guess it’s understandable for her distrust of her parents.  But still, she needs to lighten up a bit with other people’s parents.

By the way, it’s obvious that Norman is going to have some sort of confrontation with Cody’s father in the near future.  That’s just how Bates Motel rolls.

Don’t know why Norman decides to come clean with Cody about his blackouts, and don’t know why Cody is okay with it.  Maybe they’re both really lonely people, and they both want friends.  It’s not a surprise that these two characters are going to hook up, as they’re both from similar, troubled family background.

Mentioning hooked ups, Emma and Gunner got together too.  Again, I just don’t trust this guy with his dream of having his own weed farm.  Hey, but what’s done is done, and Emma is no longer a virgin.  Again, knowing this show is Bates Motel, things are not going to go well here.

While the kids are hooking up, the adults are in for business.  Norma finally meets up with the shady Nick Ford, and things are going well.  At first.  Ford has Norma meeting with a man named Bryan Fuller, and delivers a report to city council members including Lee Berman.  Next thing you know, Berman is dead.  Man, it seems like Norma can never catch a break.  She moves to this town, deals with sex traffickers, drug dealers, and now some powerful rich man who doesn’t want the bypass to happen.  Maybe I missed something, but is Nick Ford affiliated with the drug business, or is he another force in the town?

Man, you don’t mess with Romero!  Zane really has to cross the line here, and angered the wrong cop.  Now that Zane got his ass kicked, and Romero promised to bring the drug business down, things are really going to change in the “peaceful” town.  Also, it’s funny that Romero has to check into the Bates Motel, and Norma is like an overly obsessed mother goose again.  Norma has problem to letting things go, and she can’t help it but over-bearing Romero as well.  Well, it does lead to some funny moment and a Romero who can’t help it but give in.

Dylan doesn’t have much of a story this week.  He mainly shows up, protects Zane, and now the drug business owes him one.  Zane’s sister shows up and it’s revealed that she’s the higher boss of the business.  It’s possible that we’re starting to see how this business is really structured, and maybe it’s about time for us to see who the final boss is.

Overall, “The Escape Artist” is the calm before the storm.  Despite the teen romance stories, there are some great moments from Romero, and the town is never shy with dark secrets.  Hopefully things will pick up more next week.



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  1. Nick Ford is Blair Watson’s dad and the head of the rival drug family.


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