How I Met Your Mother: I Don’t Like the Ending, But I Don’t Hate It Either


It makes sense, but doesn’t mean it’s good.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!  Don’t read if you haven’t watch the finale yet.

How I Met Your Mother ended last night, and it’s a sad news.  The show first premiered back in 2005, and I love the series right away.  The story is great, the characters are lovable and there are many wonderful call backs that make the show consistence and funny.  9 years is a long time, and fans have invested a lot of time on the show.  That said, we deserved something better, and not an ending that justified the long stories.

The premise of How I Met Your Mother is simple: Ted is telling his kids how he met their mother in excruciating details.  Fans are always questioning why he begins with the story with him first meeting Robin, and it makes sense now.  The show has always been about Robin, and at the end, Robin is technically going to the mother for the kids anyway.  Yep, the show begins with Robin and ends with Robin, and it’s still about how Ted met the mother (Robin).  I mean, it makes sense as Ted has always said Robin is the one that got away, and the show itself is always essentially the love story between Ted and Robin anyway.  Plus, we have so many hints before that Aunt Robin has always been great with the kids, so I guess it’s a happy ending for all.  But what about Tracy, the kids’ real mom?

The entire show has build up to how she’s perfect for Ted, but what’s the point to throw her in front of cancer bus just when Ted has finally found his perfect match?  I noticed there were hints here and there that Tracy is going to die, but I never expect the show is going to take the incident so lightly.  We don’t have enough time to feel the impact of Tracy’s death and there’s not enough time to grief.  The mother has always been an important character to the series, and when she was finally introduced, she was worth the wait.  She’s great with all of Ted’s friends, and she has all of Ted’s quirkiness.  It’s not fair for us to wait so long just to have her died at the end.

It makes sense to have Ted and Robin back together.  But after everything that has happened between the two, I can’t help it but feel really annoyed with the decision.  Especially during the final season that Ted finally decides to let Robin go, just to have her back again 16 years later.  I don’t like the ending, but I don’t hate it either because I understand where the writers and showrunners are coming from.  I just hope the we didn’t have to take such a long circle to return to where the show started originally, and things turned out better for Tracy, the real mom.

Also, did we really just spend a whole season on Barney and Robin’s wedding, just to have them getting a divorce few years later?  What about Barney’s happy ending?  It’s so perfect to have the show ends with three perfect couples living happily ever after.  But I guess this is how the real world is, things don’t always work accordingly to the plan.

Again, I don’t like the ending, but I don’t hate it either.


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