Goat Simulator Review


The unconventional kind of fun.

Goat Simulator is a strange game.  Like the title suggested, you play as a goat running around in a broken game.  There’s no real objective in the game, but to run around destroying as many things as you possibly can.  It’s a fun game if you have nothing else better to do, and want to kill some time.  However, even for a broken game, Goat Simulator can be boring from time to time.

The game developers already told us that the game is broken, so I shouldn’t take it too seriously.  However, I can’t help it but complain about the game’s lack of gameplay value.  I understand the beauty of the game: you get to play as a goat, not a care in the world, but to destroy objects and terrorize town people.  However, I’m hoping the game will have a little more than simple destruction.  Maybe a bigger map where the goat can terrorize more poor souls, or a wider range of objects we can interact too.  The gameplay is limited and the only thing to improve the gamepaly is your imagination, but even that can’t really help either, as there aren’t much thing to do anyway.  Maybe some mods can fix the game up, but there aren’t many out there right now.

Now the fun part.  For a game that lacks actual gameplay values, the game still tries its best to give players some goals.  The game features some challenges for players to accomplish.  You can try to stay airborne as long as you can, or you can see how much damages you can do in one single blow.  The problematic physics is also what attracts the game the most.  A simple explosion can send everything, including the goat itself, flying.  And it’s always funny to see where the goat ends up.  You might even find yourself stuck at somewhere you can’t get out, and it’s okay because the game features a simple respawn option for you to get out of tight spots.

The game also features a deadly lick function from the goat.  One lick can knock humans out instantly, and you can even keep objects attached to the tongue as well.  I especially love it when the tongue drags out so long, you can’t even see what you’re holding on the other end.  One of my favorite activity to do in the game is to drag an unconscious human to somewhere really high, and jumps off with them.  It’s a shame there’s no blood in the game, so you can’t tell how much damage you actually caused.  But man, I can do that until I’m sick and tired.  The game also feature a jetpack, but it’s nothing like you expected unfortunately.  You can’t really fling in distance, and it can’t really carry you anywhere either.  Well, they did say it’s going to be a broken game.

Like I said before, the game is fun when you have nothing to do, and you simply want to waste time.  The game is fun and broken, but I just hope the developers can put more intractable objects in the game, so the gameplay won’t become stale too quickly.



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