Aquaman and the Others #1 Review


More Aquaman book for you to read.

It’s an interesting idea for DC Comics to have more than one Aquaman books.  It’s a day and age where Aquaman is no longer the joke character we used to make fun of, and he’s here to be taken seriously.  Aquaman and the Others reintroduced character first seen in Geoff John’s 2012 Aquaman run, and it’s definitely a great read for all Aquaman fans.

While the title has Aquaman’s name in it, he’s not necessary the focus of the book.  Instead, the book focuses on the current members of The Others: Prisoner of War, Ya’wara, Sky Alchesay, and The Operative.  They are not household names yet, but it doesn’t mean the’re bad characters.  Instead, most of these characters have such strong personality, they’re instantly likeable.  My favorite is the Prison of War, and it’s great that the new series allows us more chance to see the character.

This issue shows every members of The Others, and show how their relics are losing powers.  We then finally pit the members together and have them interacting each others.  It’s a simple, straight-forward first issue that introduce the characters, and the problem our heroes have to face.  While it’s straight-forward, the issue can be kind of too simple.  Also, some of the interactions between the characters can be a little too exposition.  Aquaman talks about his war with the Atlantians, and Sky doesn’t know Atlantis is real, or they flooded the entire East Coast couple months ago?  What’s going on here?

The story plays safe, and the art isn’t good either.  From time to time I notice the characters’ faces are out of shape, and it can kind of ruin the reading experiences.  Overall, the first issue can be kind of weak, but it’s still good enough that I will pick up another issue to try out.

By the way, the ending tie-ins to Futures End is random.  But heck, it does have me more excited with that weekly series though.



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