Earth 2 #22 Review


New chapter begins here.

Earth 2 has always been great.  It takes place in a world far more interesting than our regular world, and all bets are off there.  Characters can die anytime, or they can have some scarring fate they cannot have back in the regular Earth.

It’s great that Taylor has been building a team of character we should focus on.  Most of these are new characters such as Red Tornado and Val-Zod.  However, Taylor is still bringing back some old faces.  We finally get to see Alan Scott again after months of absent, and it’s great.  The cover might have fans confused who the real focus of the issue is, but it’s great to see Alan Scott regardless.  It’s still unknown where the series is taking us, and things are not looking so well for this universe.  One thing for sure, a Justice Society will be formed after the events, and Alan Scott will be the chosen leader.

Meanwhile, things are not looking well for our heroes.  Superman found them, and Val is in danger.  The issue ends with Superman recognizing Red Tornado as Lois Lane, so there might still be hope?  Can’t wait to find out what happens next.



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