One Piece Chapter 743 Review


Dressrosa in Turmoil.

This is it!  The ending is near I can feel it!  After last week’s incident, Sugar passed out and all the toys in Dressrosa got turned back into humans and animals.  Things are really chaotic at Dressrosa now, not to mention that Doflamingo is probably dead?

Honestly though, I don’t believe Doflamingo would die that easily.  He’s an important character, and there’s no way he would go out like a chump like that.  But the thing is, Doflamingo’s ability is Paramecia, so it’s not like he can fix himself like other Logia users.  Or maybe that’s not really Doflamingo?  Pica disappeared from his fight with Zoro, maybe he has something to do with this?  Maybe his ability allows him to make a double for Doflamingo, and that’s who Kyros actually chopped?  Again, these are all my speculations, and Doflamingo might really be dead.

Meanwhile, things are great at the Colosseum.  Rebecca is starting to remember who the Toy Soldier really is, and she’s not alone after all.  It’s also cool to see Sabo using his technique to destroy an entire stadium.  While it’s not confirmed yet, but his power is most likely Haki.  We still haven’t seen what he looks like yet, but I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time.

Overall, this is probably the best One Piece chapter in a long while.  This chapter allows the story to progress, and we can actually see the arc coming to an end.  One or two thing should happen next week: We’re going to find out rather Doflamingo is really dead or not, and/or what Sabo looks like.  I can feel it!  Don’t disappoint me again, Oda!



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