Red Sonja #8 Review


The She-Devil is in heat!

Red Sonja is out this week!  Yay!  I can never seem to understand the release schedule for this series is, and it’s always a great surprise when I found out it’s out that week.  Well, if you know what the release schedule is like, please let me know 🙂

Anyway, the issue picks up where we left off , with Red Sonja and Gribaldi the cook on the road to find the next talent for the king.  This is where we have the funniest moment in this week’s comics, and Red Sonja is horny for a night of comfort.  However, it turns out Gribaldi doesn’t like that, and it has Sonja questioning her own personal hygiene.  It’s probably the first time Sonja got turned down for comforts, and it’s funny watching her in frustrations.  Meanwhile, it’s brave for Gribaldi to turn down the She-Devil, I’m staring to like him a little better now.

The issue also has readers on the edge of their seats, with Sonja in some real danger for once.  There’s also a nice lesson at the end of the issue, and it’s always better to treat others nicely.  Geovani’s art is still great in this issue.  Red Sonja looks sexy without over sexualized, and the actions are greatly done to support Gail Simone’s story.  Overall, this is yet another great issue that moves Red Sonja’s journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Hopefully I can figure out the release schedule by then.



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  1. Loving Gail Simone’s run on Sonja. Good storylines and a touch of humour.

    Just so long as she doesn’t ditch the chain-mail bikini…



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