DC Collectibles New 52 Bizarro Review

We’re back~!

We’re back after months of absent to review the newest DC Collectibles New 52 action figure- Bizarro.


The figure comes in standard DC Collectibles action figure packaging, and with blue like Bizarro’s color scheme.


Back of the box.  When are Ultraman, Super Woman and Power Ring going to be released?



Bizarro looks really cool in the New 52.  He wears a T-shirt of Superman’s logo, similar to the ones Superman himself wears in his early career.


What a handsome man


The reverse “S” is a good touch.  In the new reality, Bizarro simply wears the T-shirt inside out because he’s a dumb-dumb.



For some reason, DC Collectibles makes this figure able to do a perfect split.  It’s really bizarre (wink).  I really like the metallic paintings on the legs though.



Superman vs. Bizarro


DC Collectibles Villain family is growing bigger and bigger.

Overall, the figure is great, and it’s fairly standard to DC Collectibles’ line of figures.  I really like the figures, and it’s definitely a great addition to all collectors out there.  Not much to say here, but to get one if you’re a fan.

By the way, as you can see from the images above, you can probably tell we’re not very good at taking images.  If you have any suggestiosn for better camera, lighting or anything, please feel free to let us know.  We’re still learning, and open for any advice and such.  Thank you.



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  1. Awesome Review!! Love it! Can’t wait for you to review more of the dc new 52 figures

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