Game of Thrones “Two Swords” Review


The world is not the same anymore.

Game of Thrones returns for a 4th season, and it’s a real different world.  The Stark family is no longer an actual threat, and an era has come to an end.  It’s especially powerful when we see in the opening with Ned Stark’s giant sword Ice melted down and molded into two swords, and then they’re gifted to Jaime.  A powerful symbol to see things coming to an end, and things are different now.

The episode quickly established the world without adult Stark members, and the remaining children are all dealing what’s left behind.  Jon Snow is back with the Crows again, Sansa is still married to Tyrion, and Arya and The Hound’s journey continues.  By this time, all of them know what happened at the Red Wedding, and they have to deal with the outcome of that.  Things are different now, and some promises don’t need to be kept anymore.

Jaime is back at King Landing, but his father wants him to quit as King’s Guard and take over as the lord of Casterly Rock.  This might not seem like a big deal few seasons ago, but after the great character development from last season, we know Jaime is not going to turn away that easily.  However, despite him staying at King’s Guard, things are not doing well from him there either.  Joffrey’s passive aggressive attitude towards his uncle/father is really sad, and it’s amazing that Jaime can keep his temper intact.  Meanwhile, even Cersei has grown drunk and cold waiting for Jaime to return.  “You took too long.”  Yep, things are not doing too well for Jaime here.

Other things are also developing in King’s Langing as well.  Prince Oberyn has finally making a physical appearance after all this time.  He loathes the Lannisters for killing her sister a while ago, and it seems like he will do anything to avenge her.  However, he does not bring an army with him, so I don’t know how that’s going to turn out.

The Wildlings are heading over to the south, and we’re meet up with the cannibalistic clan of Thenn.  Meanwhile, Jon has to deal with the consequence from last season and well, things are surprisingly working out for him.  If anything, he deserved it.  He’s been through some tough stuff for the longest time, and something nice like this can really help him.


The strongest scene is the one shared between Arya and The Hound.  After witnessing what happened at the Red Wedding, The Hound decides to sell Arya to her crazy aunt.  During the journey, the two ran into the group of people that took Arya’s trusting sword Needle.  The confrontation between the two parties is great, and The Hound delivers some of the most badass lines here as well.  Most importantly, this is where Arya finally breaks out of her shell, and does what needs to be done.  Killing those who deserved to be killed, and she finally got herself the pony she wanted.  Oh, also don’t forget The Hound got his chicken as well.

The season premiere is always very important.  We’ve waited a whole year to see these characters again, and it’s not possible to fit them all in a single episode, and unfortunately some of them can only be seen briefly.  We didn’t get to see Bran’s side of story at all, and only a bit of Denny’s story.  The dragons are all grown up now, and they’re not obeying Denny like we wanted them to at all.  We’re also introduced to the new Darrio.  While I’m a fan of the original actor, the new one captures by heart as well.  Especially seeing him trying to approach Denny like a love-struck puppy dog is really sweet.  However, the overall situation at Denny’s side is not sweet at all, as the new city they’re heading to is putting up a dead body at every mile marks.

Overall, the season premiere is great as it brings us back to the dramatic, back-stabbing world of Westeros.  The only problem is that the episode kind of lack focuses on some other players, and after waiting a whole year, I think we deserved to at least see what everyone is up to a bit.



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