Bates Motel “Plunge” Review


Now with more blackouts.

Well, that doesn’t go well at all, does it?  I always knew that Norman is going to kill Cody’s dad, but I didn’t expect it will be like that.  Thing are not doing well for Norman, and he’s not the only one.  “Plunge” shows everyone has problems to deal with, and  things might not always work out the best for anyone.

I always like Cody.  She is the typical rebel kind of girl that doesn’t care about a thing in the world.  However, this episode reveals who she really is- a scared little girl.  She’s not as tough as she lets everyone else to believe, and she finally understands just how dangerous Norman really is.  She doesn’t want to deal with him anymore, and decides to tell Emma the truth about Norman blacking out.  This leads to another anger confrontation between the two, and resulting in Cody’s father falling off the stairs and died.  The sad thing is, I’ve always hope these two would work out, but it doesn’t seem like the case anymore.

It’s bizarre and scary the way Norman got angry at Cody by the river.  First of all, it’s not Cody’s fault what happened to Emma.  Even if it is, she didn’t deserve to be yelled like that.  The poor girl has enough family violence already, she doesn’t need more stuff from her supposed boyfriend.  It’s a cliche that people from violent family background will end up with some violent as well, but it seems like the case of Cody here.

Now Emma is a different story here.  Despite the angry outburst, Emma is still intact with Norman.  She sees the situation with a different light, and lies to herself that Norman is only acting this way because he really cares for her.  It’s sweet and all, but it’s only a matter of time she’s going to learn the truth.  The truth that while Norman doecare about Emma, his actions say he’s a complete psychopath and not to be trusted.

Meanwhile, Norma is becoming some sort of emissary for Nick Ford, huh?  It’s obvious that Ford wants Norma in the city council, so he can influence the city’s decision through her.  The problem is, can Norma be persuaded like that?  She’s has always been a woman in control, and things are not really in her control anymore.  She has no choice with the city council, Dylan moved away from home, and the little bit of control she has over Norman is slowly fading away.  It’s especially bad for her when she found out Norman been hiding his blackouts from her, and they happened when he’s with Cody.  While it’s an obvious thing for her to tell the driving insturctor about Norman’s blackouts, but I can’t help it and feel she does it out of bitterness.  She only does it because she finds out Norman been hiding things from him with Cody.

The show has been giving us a lot of cringe moments between Norman and Norma, and I should be used to it by now.  However, I can’t help it but notice a brief moment when Norma is excited she got into city council, and jumps on the bed with Norman under her.  Even after watching Bates Motel all this time, I’m still super uncomfortable about it.

Dylan doesn’t have a lot of story this week, and we found out that the boss lady is regretting putting her brother Zane in charge.  The two character begin to bond, and they eventually sleep together.  it’s not clear what this mean for his job with the drug empire, but it’s clear that Dylan is climbing up some ladders.

Overall, Plunge is an episode that moves the story forward for what’s happening next.  Now that Norman has killed another person, with an outsider as a witness, Norma might not be able to protect her baby son anymore.



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