Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise Review


Back for more fun.

They’re back again!  Robot Chicken is giving us another DC Comics Special, and it’s once again another fun ride.  Like the title suggested, the special is focused on the villains of DC Universe, and we get to see the Legion of Doom going on a beach vacation.

The special features many sketches, but at the same time it has an overall plot as well.  The previous special is mainly about Aquaman and his place with the Justice League.  This special is about Superboy and Lena Luthor’s unconventional love.  Also, it makes sense that DC wants a Robot Chicken special to focus on the villains.  After events such as Forever Evil and such, DC’s villains are more emphasized than ever now.  Plus, Robot Chicken version of these villains are so colorful, you can’t help it but to fall in love with them.

There are many sketches in this special that works wonderfully.  I can’t stop laughing when Sexy Lexy- Lex Luthor’s 80’s Glam Rock persona.  The thing is, this DC Special has many great musical moments over comedy moments.  The Batman and Green Lantern sketch is hilarious, and the soft, catchy music really makes me want to buy the soundtracks.  Not to mention the tastefully done Grease parody love song between Superboy and Lena Luthor.  These are all some wonderful moments worth mentioning in DC Comics Special II.

However, despite all the funnies, there are some moments that just seem like a repeat from the previous special.  Two-Face making decisions, The Riddler is the weakest member of the Legion, Batman getting his back broken by Bane (even though it’s Ace the Bathound getting his back broken by polar bear Bane), and many more.  It seems like Robot Chicken is afraid to try different things or something.  Well, at least they’re not making fun of Aquaman like they used to in the previous episode, so that’s pretty good.

Although, there’s still a scene where Aquaman summons a bunch of useless seahorses though…

RCDC2_Spring Preview_53162dfd159858.61067870

I also really like the jokes on comic book businesses.  A message pops up about final issue when Swamp Thing is dead, and another one immediately follows with Swamp Thing coming alive issue #1.  The one with The Joker died, and there are 18 different variant is funny as well.  Not to mention 18 is nothing compares to the once 52 variants DC released before.  There are also many more funny moments from the special, including Dr. Fate not a real doctor, and no superhero is really dead.  Watch Green Lantern’s funeral scene again, you will notice that he’s actually sitting among the crowd since the very beginning already.

Overall, DC Comics Special II is another funny achievement from the Robot Chicken team.  While some jokes might be recycled from the original one, it is still a fun adventure for us to revisit this version of DC characters again.



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  1. Its actually Green Arrows funeral, but other than that I think it was a really good episode. My only real complaint is that it was not long enough.

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