One Piece Chapter 744 Review


The Revolutionary Army Chief of Staff.

Sabo!  We finally get to see what Sabo looks like in present days.  Seriously, just when I though One Piece cannot get any better, Oda proves me wrong.  Sabo looks really cool with a burned mark on his face, and he actually manages to eat the Flame-Flame Fruit.  Oh man, it’s so cool to see Fire Fist being used again.  It’s also revealed that Sabo is the chief of staff of Revolutionary Army, and he’s viewed as the second in command.  Man, my mind is blown, and I can’t wait to see more interactions between him and Luffy.

Oh, and he recognizes Luffy as the future Pirate King.  He’s such a good big brother.

Meanwhile, things are really strange at Doflamingo’s end.  Even though his head is cut off, the guy is still alive.  It’s still unclear what’s going on exactly, but he wants to implement a plan called “bird cage.”  It’s unknown what bird cage is, but it has Law terrified.  Also, things are really funny here too.  he claims the alliance is over, but it’s not stopping Luffy from helping him.  Also, the scene where Luffy and Viola are trying to unlock Law is hilarious.  Two Devil-Fruit users being extra careful not to touch the Sea-Prism handcuffs while unlocking them.  

On Usopp’s side, things are working out very well for his reputation.  All the freed toys in the underground port are now his followers, and they will do anything for him.  it seems like the Dressrosa arc is really building something for the Straw Hat Pirates.  All of the freed toys here believe Usopp to be their saviors, and it seems like they will do anything for him.  Maybe Usopp is finally getting his 8000 followers like he always claimed he has.  At the same time, let’s not forget Chinjao’s wish to put his grandsons under Luffy’s command.  Maybe, just maybe, Oda actually wants to give Luffy an army like all the big pirate groups do.  I’m excited for the idea, and can’t wait to see next.

Too bad there’s no One Piece next week, just when Oda is finally on a roll.



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