All-New Doop #1 Review


Doop is more than meets the eye.

It’s not that surprising for Marvel to pick Doop as the title character for a new book.  One of the best issue of Wolverine and the X-Men features Doop as the main focus.  Doop has always been an interesting character/concept, and it’s really a shame that the character has been marginalized.  But like the issue suggested, sometime the best stories come from those who can travel through the margins undetected.

The first issue shows the Battle of the Atom from Doop’s point of view.  It has Doop secretly involving some important key moments, and they’re all pretty funny.  Most importantly, the story marks the journey of Doop seeking for Kitty Pryde’s love.  However, it does make me wonder if we need to have five issues to tell a story we already know from a different point of view.  It’s always great to see an already occurred event from a different point of view, but five issues though… Thankfully, the ending has a great twist that will keep us wanting to read the series even more.

Meanwhile, I really enjoy David Lafuente’s art here.  His style is perfect to illustrate Doop’s bizarre world, and it’s even better when his art is colored by Laura Allred.

Overall, this is a new series that has a lot of potential.  If you found the Wolverine and the X-Men issue that features Doop great, then you will definitely be a fan of this book.



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