All-New X-Men #25 Review


The special anniversary issue.  

All-New X-Men #25 is a strange issue.  It’s a special anniversary issue that features an array of artist to celebrate the event.  While the mix of art styles can be bizarre at first, once you’re used to it, All-New X-Men #25 has proven to be yet another impressive issue that’s worth the read.

The issue deals with a sleepless Beast at the middle of the night, and a bold-headed, mysterious figure approaching him about the possible future for the X-Men.  The entire scenario is a lot like a Christmas Carol, and it allows Beast to reflect what the future might be like now, thanks to himself bringing the past X-Men to present day.

The possible futures allow the guest artists to truly show their skills.  Different futures have different tones, and the artists’ unique styles allow readers to see the future differently, and with fresh minds.  While some futures are full of hopes, some are not.  Personally, my favorite ones are the the love story between Kitty and Colossus, Scott and Logan Bffs Forever, and Wolverine and Jean Grey’s married life.  Sadly, I’m not very good at recognizing artists’ style, so can someone tell me who does what in the stories I mentioned above?  I would really appreciate that.

After establishing all the possible futures for the X-Men, the story is back to Beast’s bedroom again.  The true identity of the mystery visitor is revealed, and I can tell you that he’s not Professor X.  Yeah, I know that’s what they want us to believe, and they did a good job doing that.  Overall, it not clear what the future of X-Men will really be like, all we know is that things are never going to be the same again.



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