Batman Eternal #1 Review


The weekly adventures begins here.

The first weekly series of New 52, Batman Eternal, is finally here!  The series features a group of different writers and artists, and they intend to tell stories that will expand the Batman franchise to the next level.  The first page already teases us a future where Gotham is in flames, and Batman is defeated.  If that’s not enough to get you to read the series, the first arc of Batman Eternal features a mystery case of Commissioner Gordon.

First issue introduces a Detroit cop named Jason Bard who’s just transferred to Gotham.  While it’s unknown what so special about Bard, he’s an officer Gordon himself requested to transfer to Gotham.  Unfortunately, his first day in the city, and he already has to witness the city’s commissioner arrested after seemingly killing hundreds of civilians by causing a train wreck.  The issue strongly focus on Gotham itself, and the citizens inside it.  Bard is new to the city, and he has to learn what the city is really about.  Frobes mentioned that Gordon doesn’t understand how the city is supposed to work, and he has to pay now by getting arrested.  Maybe the first arc of the story will have Bard finally learning just exactly how the city supposed to work.  In the hard way.

The first issue already features an all-star GCPD cast.  Forbes, Maggie Sawyer and Harvey Bullocks are all some of the fan favorite officers.  Not to mention the cover of first issue also hints a lot more characters are going to show up in this series as well, both friends and foes.  This really helps establishing a greater Batman universe, and this series might just be the flagship title that truly defines the Batman franchise.

However, knowing this title is originally supposed to come out after Forever Evil’s finale, I can’t help but feel a little bit jipped.  We are supposed to know how Forever Evil is going to affect Batman as a character, and what happened to Nightwing.  He’s no where to be seen on the cover, and it’s already ruining my reading experience.  Overall, Batman Eternal #1 is a great issue that will have readers hooked right away, and it’s definitely a book all Batman fans should give a try.



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