The Walking Dead #125 Review


All out War Part 11 of 12.

It’s the second to the last book, and All out War takes things for a turn.  This issue focuses on the aftermath of the fight, and the victims of Negan’s bio-weapons.  Rick is doing fine, but others such as Nicholas are dying already.  The world is messed up enough with the Walker roaming around, and people like Negan only causes more problems.  The world doesn’t need people like Negan, and Rick is making sure of that.

Negan and The Saviors, believing that Rick is dead, demand the Hilltop to surrender, only to be surprised with Rick’s recovery.  This is where the issue gets interesting.  Rick begins to tell Negan how his view of the world is wrong, and successfully convincing him what’s the right thing to do.  That whole page panel with Negan in realization and whispers his favorite word is powerful.  It seems like Negan finally sees what the bigger picture is, and this is when Rick slashes Negan’s throat.  Man, what a backstabber.

It’s clear why Rick does it.  The world doesn’t need a person like Negan.  He’s unstable, and he will only cause more troubles.  At the same time, he might even be faking it with his realizations, even though I highly doubt that.  Overall, I just can’t believe Rick will pull something cheap like that, and what’s different between him at other villains we’ve been seeing in the series now?  It’s interesting that the recent TV series has been dealing with the definition of good/bad people, and that line is becoming even thinner in the comic series now.  Maybe I’m being bias here because I’m a big fan of Negan, but I just can’t believe Rick would do that.

Also, did Rick use the walker gunk blade on Negan?  Is there no going back for Negan anymore?

Now that Rick attacks Negan in front of all the Saviors, how is he going to get out of this one?  Robert Kirkman promises nothing will be the same  after issue 126, and I can’t wait to find out what he means.



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