Game of Thrones “The Lion and the Rose” Review


Game of Thrones really knows how to throw a wedding.

Now that’s a wedding we’ve been waiting for.  It has food, drinks, drunk people, entertainments, and animal cruelty- those poor pigeons.  Most importantly, this wedding has the death of the groom himself- King Joffrey Lannister!  Finally!  That little prick as been bothering every fans since his first appearance, even actor Jack Gleeson can’t handle him and want to quit acting once and for all.  Red Wedding, Purple Wedding, Yellow Wedding… whatever!  If Game of Thrones is going to keep having their weddings like this, I’m all game.

The entire wedding scene has been an uncomfortable one since the beginning, and we can all feel something is going to happen sooner or later.  In fact, Joffrey has been such a horrible host for the wedding party, everyone invited are in a foul mood already.  Joffrey picks on his uncle a lot during the wedding, and it’s an especially tense situation for all.  You can sense something is coming, and it can easily be Tyrion finally snaps.  You can even feel the tension slowing building up, as no one finds Joffrey’s disrespect towards his uncle amusing at all.  Not to mention the awfully bad taste dwarfs show that are supposed to be the Five Kings.  At the end, Joffrey died due to poisoning, and making his uncle his ultimate victim by framing him.

It’s interesting as who’s the person that actually poisoned Joffrey.  Everyone in the wedding is a suspect, but there’s no doubt that Dontos Hollard has something to do with it.  It’s unknown if he’s working with someone or not, but a reddit article has details on it, and you can read it all here.


There are some noticeable interactions between wedding guests here.  Jaime is already not happy with the fact that his sister is going to be married Loras Tyrell, and the exchange between the two is great.  Is is that obvious that what’s going on between Jaime and Cersei to everyone else already?  And at the same time, Cersei is starting to accept the fact that she’s not the queen anymore, but she can’t help it and to have her ways one last time.  The leftovers are supposed to be given to the poors, but Cersei forces them to be given to the dogs.  Also, she even bursts Brienne’s chain for being with Jaime, which I don’t think she’s interested with anymore.  She’s just a bitter woman who has to realize her time has come.

By the way, it seems like Brienne really does have feelings for Jaime.  I’m a big fan for Jaime/Brienne, so this is really exciting for me.

While King’s Landing steals all the spotlights, let’s not forget the new details we learned from other locations.  We’ve finally get to see Bolton and Ramsay in the same room for the very first time.  It seems like a lot of people are confused who Ramsay is, and I think this will clear the confusing once and for all.  It’s revealed that Bolton is named the new King of the North, but he needs all Stark family members dead to be able to do so.  While Bolton disapproves his bastard son’s torture way, but the result is there.  Not only Theon, now named Reek, is a obedient dog, he also revealed the truth of the two youngest Stark children.  Poor Reek, all broken down and traumatized, he hardly even flinch when he heard about Robb’s death.  All, and that razor over Ramsay’s neck scene is great.

There are some stories about Brann and Stannis as well, but they can all be overlooked compare to what’s happening everywhere else.  Overall, this is a shocking Game of Thrones episode we’ve been waiting for, and it’s interesting what the world after this will become.  What’s going to happen to Margaery now, who’s dream has always been to be the queen?  Also, where’s Dontos taking taking Sansa?  These are all something we can’t wait to find out.

Goodbye, Joffrey the assh*le.




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