Mad Men “Time Zone” Review


The beginning of the end.

So this is it, the final season of Mad Men begins now!  However, the show won’t really finish until next year, as the show is going to split the final season into two years similar to what Breaking Bad did.  Hopefully, this still means we’re getting a wonderful mid-season finale to carry us over.

Season 6 left us in such a big change for our characters, we can’t wait to find out what happened right away.  Sterling Cooper & Partners is a very different place now without Don Draper, and it’s the creative team that’s hit the most with his absent.  Peggy is the most troubled, as she doesn’t feel challenged enough with Lou, Don’s replacement.  Peggy is stressed, and things are not doing well with her and Ted either.  Ted initially left New York for LA to get away from Peggy, and it seems like the tension is still between the two.  Other than Don, the show has always been Peggy’s journey as well.  Hopefully the final season will serve as her character journey as well, and we will see her at a better place out of it.

Last season ends on a horrible note between Don and Megan, so I’ve been looking forward to see what’s going to happen between these two.  It turns out that Megan took the job in LA anyway, and she’s been living some high-end life with convertible and such.  However, it’s still obvious that there’s tension between the two, and Don’s stay in LA is really uncomfortable.  Don encounters an attractive woman on his flight back to New York, and the two got really flirtatious, with touchy-feely and she even ends up sleeping on his shoulder.  However, Don didn’t end up going home with her, and that’s something different from Don we’ve known.  Maybe Don is still having hopes for his marriage with Megan, and he really wants things to work out this time.  Can Don really be different this time?  Only time will tell.

Things are really different for characters out in LA.  Since the end of last season, characters are scattered all over the place.  While some of them are still in Detroit, most of them are in LA.  The once in the city of angels are truly embracing the sun, and no one does it as well as Pete.  It’s funny he would be the only one completely in love with the LA life style, and it’s even funny when he tries to sell it all to Don.


Meanwhile, Joan’s meeting with the young executive provides some interesting moments.  He is young and not really competent, and he even needs Joan’s advice on how to handle his own bosses.  It’s interesting that Joan is taking a more important role in the company, and her dealing with clients behind other’s back finally pay off for once.  I remember something like this happened last season, and that doesn’t work out too well.

Roger picks up at ta very strange place this season, and we have no idea how he got there.  He ends up in some sort of hippie relationship sleeping with strangers in bed.  Also, I doubt that Roger understands it, but his daughter forgiving him is actually the same as the hippie lifestyles he puts himself into.

It’s a great revelation that Don is the one that’s been writing Henry’s copy.  It makes sense though, as Peggy was really blown away in the opening sequences, and she’s usually inspired with Don’s speeches.  It’s strange that even when out, he’s still invested in the company.  It’s interesting how really similar Don and Peggy really are, and they’re both good at their work, but not always recognized.  Hopefully Don will be back in Sterling Cooper & Partners soon, because it’s really strange watching the show without Don in the company.

There are a lot of characters missing from the premiere, and it’s quite a shame.  Out of the missing characters, I really wish to see what’s up with Sally and Bob Benson.  Bob has been such a suspicious character last season, I really want to know if he’s involved with Pete’s mother’s death or not.  Sally hates her father after finding out what kind of man he was last season, I wonder if her idea changes after visiting Don’s childhood home.

The final season premieres of Mad Men shows us what the characters are up to, and some scenes as well.  You can really feel the end is near, and the show is beginning to warp things up.



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