Bates Motel “Presumed Innocent” Review


Things are never going to be the same again.

Whoa, that comes back to bite Norman in the ass really quick.  Quite honestly, I already forgot about the whole Blaire Watson thing and it’s a really nice way for the show to tie things back to that incident.  It is revealed that Norman’s DNA matched the semen sample the police found inside Ms. Watson, and it is implied that they slept together the night she was murdered.  Rather Norman killed her or not is still remain to be seen, but things are not going to be simple for our favorite sociopath anymore.

“Presumed Innocent” is a slow episode.  It mainly deals with Norman being arrested after last week’s episode, and the charges he has to face.  Norma waits outside nervously for the result, and Romero, for some reason, believes Norman’s story completely.  He states that he grew up in this town with Cody’s father, so he knows what kind of man he is.  Well, I guess it would be crazy to assume a seemingly weak boy like Norman would actually mean to kill someone.  Right?

It’s a really tense moment when Norma confronts Cody in the bathroom.  While I know Norma is not that stupid to actually harm Cody in that bathroom, but it doesn’t mean she will come close doing it.  Also, it’s unknown how Cody will really react to the situation either.  She loves Norman, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean what happened to her father is not going to change how she feels.  At the same time, Norma’s desperation is only going to bring more suspicions on Norman’s blackouts.  It’s something that Cody is going to take noticed.  Well, it turns out that Cody is not interested in exposing Norman’s secrets to the police.  Deep down, she still cares about this troubled young man she recently fell for.

At the end, Cody is going to leave the town to live with her aunt.  It’s sad that we’re not going to see more of her anymore, but this is probably the best ending for the character.  Nothing good ever comes to those around Norman, and being far away from him is the happy ending Cody deserved.  This has me worried about Emma, whom seems still very interested in Norman even after all the stuff that’s been happening.  I just hope after being a true friend to Norman, Emma can have something in return at the end.

There are some stories on Dylan’s side as well.  It’s Dylan’s job to spy on Zane, but things are not going too well.  Upon hearing Zane’s plan to raid Nick Ford’s warehouse, Dylan knows it is a bad idea.  There are gun fires from inside the warehouse, and it probably means Ford has some of his men staying in the warehouse when Zane and his men entered.  It’s unknown what’s the casualties like inside, but wouldn’t it be nice if Zane and his men are all wiped out here?  I know it’s a long shot.  Things are most likely going to be real bad, and Zane ends up killing more of Ford’s men instead, and an all out war will happen.

Overall, this episode is a straightforward one, and the calm before the storm.  Now Norman is tied to two separate murder cases, to the police’s knowledge, things are not going to be as simple for him anymore.  It’s only a matter of time that people are going to find out what Norman really is, and I can’t wait for that to happen.



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