Game of Thrones “Breaker of Chains” Review


Here to free you people.

“Breaker of Chains” picks up directly from last week’s shocking finale.  Joffrey is dead, Tyrion is arrested, and Sansa is on the run.  A new king is in position, and a sense of unsettling surrounds the King’s Landing.

It’s quickly revealed that Littlefinger is the one behind Joffrey’s murder, and he has Ser Dontos working as the front, by giving Sansa the poisoned necklace with six amethysts, and having him escorts Sansa out of King’s Landing.  It’s clever for Littlefinger to have Dontos as part of the mission, because he feels in debt with Sansa, and he will make sure Sansa is safe.  But like what Littlefinger said, you can’t really trust a drunk, and he has to go.  It’s all part of the backstabbing world of Game of Thrones.  It’s unknown as of now if Littlefinger is the only person is charge of the murder, and it won’t come as a surprise if it’s revealed someone else is behind it as well.

Meanwhile back in King’s Landing, we have a distressed mother and a very happy grandpa.  Upon Joffrey’s death, his baby brother Tommen is going to take over as the king now.  Tywin seems more than eager to teach this grandson what’s the proper way to be a king in front of Joffrey’s corpse, despite Cersei’s disapproval.  The scene where he gives Tommen the speech about what makes a good king is great.  Not only it denounces Joffrey from the beginning to the end, it also plants Tywin’s future influences for king’s decision.  By telling Tommen that a good king needs wisdom and people he can take advice from, it means that Tywin can indirectly rule the Seven Kingdoms through Tommen, something he always wants to do, but cannot when Joffrey was the king.  Tywin, you cunning old man.

By the way, you notice the whole time, he refers to Robert as King Robert, and never your father?  It’s really that obvious, huh?

But Tommen is not the only person Tywin is pulling strings with.  He approaches Prince Oberyn this episode to have him act as a judge for Tyrion’s trial.  In return, Oberyn will have his chance to revenge against The Mountain.  This are all Tywin’s plan to have great forces against the upcoming enemies, and creating the kingdom in his own ways.  Mentioning the trial, Tyrion is in a very bad place now.  Sansa running away is not helping the case, and all his trusted individuals are being questioned right now.  Bronn is under heavy investigation, so he cannot be a character witness, and Pod is asked to turn against Tyrion as well.  While I have absolute faith in Pod’s loyalty,he’s going to be in danger now that he refused to turn against Tyrion.  It’s kind of a shame though, it really would be great for us to see the scenes with Bronn being investigated or Pod being approached.  While it’s unknown who these people are, the obvious choice would be they’re working for Cersei.  But seeing how she’s too preoccupied over her son’s death, it might be Tywin’s doing again.  Again, that cunning old man.


Just when we’re starting to like Jaime, he has to go and done that.  It’s a really uncomfortable scene to have Jaime forced himself on Cersei, especially next to their kid’s dead body.  Jaime comes a long way last season and becoming a cool character, and everything shatters so quickly.  It also shows us just how much he cares about his own children, which is very little.  Joffrey’s death doesn’t affect him the same way it does Cersei, and he only simply gives Tommen a “How are you?” and nothing else.  Those are his children, and it’s a pity that his love for their mother never extends to them.

Mentioning character we used to like, the Hound is a prime a-hole in this episode.  After promising to work for the money, the Hound just goes ahead and takes the money from the poor.  Arya and him came a long way since they were first pit together, and they were such a great team in the season premiere.  It’s sad they’re going back to being antagonistic again .  But hey, It’s still funny that Arya pretends the two are father and daughter though.

It’s great to see Dany and her army again this episode, and I’m really in love with how the army functions now.  Everyone has a positions in the army, and they’re all equally important.  It’s also cool the show decides to further established the new Daario, and it’s working.  He picks the smartest, and fastest way to kill the enemy and proves that he’s an efficient fighter.  There’s a great tension between him and Dany, and it has us rooting for him.


The scene where Dany fires broken shackles can be kind of weak.  It’s meaningful, but it’s weak.  I still remember last season when Dany robbed a whole army from Astapor, and this just failed to comparison.  However, things seem promising at Meereen, so hopefully we will see something exciting next week.

Lastly, I want to mention my disappointment at Sam.  I’m always a fan of the underdogs, but man, he’s really stupid here.  Gilly is clearly in love with the fool, and he can’t even reciprocate her love.  The worst part?  He even put Gilly to work in a whore house in Mole’s Town.  Sure, this is so much safer than staying at Castle Black.  what a disappointment, Sam!

Overall, this episode clams down a bit form last week’s episode, but it doesn’t mean it’s not eventful.  Now that news of Joffrey’s death has travel across Westeros, I’m looking forward to see how others Houses’ reactions are.



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