Happy 25th Birthday Game Boy! Our 10 Favorite Game Boy Games

Cause 25 favorite games are way too many.

It appears that Game Boy was first released today in Japan 25 years ago.  25 years!  Man, that’s a long time.  If you were born on the same day as a Game Boy, you can finally rent a car today!  Congratulations!

Anyway, to celebrate this unique event, we at The Good Kind of Geek decides to put together a list of our 10 favorite Game Boy games.  Why not 25?  Because we’re bunch of lazy motherf%^@#s, that’s why.

The list will only have games released specifically for the classic Game Boy, and not Game Boy Color.  That’s a list for a different time.

10. Dr. Mario:


Let’s face it, this game is basically another Tetris.  However, it’s fun in its own way.  The only problem is that it saddens me that the real medicine doesn’t work this way, or we would already cure cancer by now.

9. Final Fantasy Legend III:


It takes about 3 games to fully establish the world of Final Fantasy and its combat system.  Both the gameplay and story are perfect in this game, thus earning itself a spot on our top 10.

8. Mario’s Picross:


You starting to see a trend here?  Mario is the mascot for Nintendo for a reason, as the games feature him are usually great.  And what’s not to like about Mario’s Picross?  It’s a puzzle game that’s actually different from Dr. Mario and even Tertis.  It’s definitely a perfect brain teaser that set tones for titles such as Brian Age for future Nintendo DS.

7. Bomberman GB:


The gameplay for the franchise is great!  It’s too bad Bomberman hardly receive the love it deserved.  Anyway, Bomberman’s Game Boy debut is one of the best in the franchise, and it will have you stuck in it for hours.

6. Mega Man V:


I’m usually not a big fan of Mega Man.  I know it’s a blasphemy, but I’m just not very good with the game.  However, this one is different.  I still remember playing back in the days, and while it’s still difficult, I’m actually willing to try it for hours and hours until I defeat Star Man.

5. Kirby’s Dream Land:


Kirby’s debut game!  The game is what Game Boy is all about- black and white.  People were so confused with what Kirby’s color scheme really is, as the cover art for the game has him as grey, instead of the pink color we known and loved.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening:


It’s the best Zelda game of the Game Boy era.  You need me to say anymore?

3. Super Mario Land:


While everyone loves Super Mario Bros, my favorite title has always been Super Mario Land.  It has the best BGM!  Not to mention this is the first time you can actually take your classic Mario side-scroll game on the go.

2. Tetris:


The root of all evil, and beginning of everything great.  Tetris is why we bought a Game Boy in the first place.  While the game shy from comparison to the current games, a classic is a classic.  Bust out a Tetris now, and I bet you can at least play it for the next hour top.

1. Pokemon Red/Blue:


What a big surprise, The Good Kind of Geek picks Pokemon as their favorite game.  Yes, a little bit of bias is at work here, but Pokemon really changes the idea of handheld forever.  This is the first game the fully utilize Game Boy’s linking ability to the fullest, and players are encouraged to trade Pokemon with each others.  It makes gaming into a bigger community, and some of the modern success of the video game industry are all due to what Pokemon brought to us first.


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