Bates Motel “Meltdown” Review


This whole thing is a meltdown, I tell you.

It’s hard to say what “Meltdown” is about, because it’s almost about nothing.  Sure, the episode has Romero trying to find out what Norman’s deal really is, and covering things up for him.  However, other than that, most of the situations in this episode are only danced around, and not really touched upon.

I don’t really understand why Romero is helping Norman.  He hides the fact that they found Norman’s DNA inside Blair Watson, and he even goes as far to threaten his own officer.  Romero is a good person, but he has been walking on the line of right and wrong.  He understands how this town works, and as long as people follows a certain regulation, he’s willing to keep an eye close.  It’s really strange that he’s purposely going out of his way to help Norman.  Maybe he really feels gratitude towards Norma for folding his clothes?  Now that Romero suspected foul play from Norman’s end, it’s interesting to see how things will turn out.  I have a bad feeling that things are not going to go well for Romero.

Things take a turn for the worst at the drug business side of the story as well.  After last week’s incident, Dylan woke up and found himself lying in front of Nick Ford’s warehouse just fine.  He’s not injured, not in any danger and everyone who were shot and killed are Nick Ford’s people.  It’s like nothing happened the previous night, and everyone just back to their normal businesses.  Also, didn’t Remo betrays Dylan and decides to help Zane?  Why isn’t that play on, and why is Dylan not mad at him?  Not to mention the scene where Norma comes to the drug house looking for Dylan, and Remo claims not to recognize her.  The whole situation is just ridiculous, and it’s even sillier when Norma tries to be the good mom and tells Dylan to protect himself from the harmful marijuana.

At first, I was really excited to know exactly how the drug business in this town is structured, but now I regretted.  The Morgan family is nothing like I expected, and Jodi is far from being a competent leader.  It’s a miracle that the drug business survived this long under her supervision.  Meanwhile, things are better at Nick Ford’s end.  He’s has been proven to be a far better threat than the Morgan Family.  By the way, are we to actually believe that Norma never suspected who Nick Ford really is?  It all seems like such a coincident that the right person died at the city council, and Norma got the job, and she never suspected foul play?  Again, I don’t buy it.

This episode once again established the uncomfortable relationship between Norma and Norman.  Norma is angry at Norman’s lack of concern, and she decides to sleep with George as a way to punish Norman.  This is some classic dysfunctional relationship thing.  While it’s great for the two characters, this is starting to get old.  As cringe as it could be, the show might need to consider a new way to take these two’s relationship to the next level.  With shows such as Game of Thrones around, we’re all pretty much desensitized by now.

Overall, “Meltdown” is just a filler episode.  It presents us a lot of problems we’re already aware of, but it doesn’t really deal with anyone of them at all.  The final scene might be great, but it’s still not good enough to make it a good episode at all.  In fact, far from it.



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