Mad Men “A Day’s Work” Review


Now you’r just embarrassing yourself.  

This is such a uncomfortable episode to watch.  Not like anything cringe is actually happening like Game of Thrones, but just Peggy.  I have never seen her more like a fool than this episode before.  Assuming the flower is for her right away, even though it was on her secretary’s desk.  To make things worst, she also assumes the flower is from Ted.  From last week’s season premiere, we can see that she’s still not over Ted yet, while Ted is moving on better than her.  She hasn’t been handling herself really well at all.  It’s funny how last week I mentioned my wish for the show to make Peggy a better character, and she has to go and screwed things up royally bad for herself.

It’s a ridiculous thing for Peggy to get mad at Shirley when everything is her own fault.  But this is the episode where everyone is behaving badly, so we’re going to have Peggy putting herself in the stupidest situation ever.  Like I said above, hopefully Peggy can really grow as a character this season, but it hardly seem like the case so far.

Mentioning people behaving badly, how about that Lou?  The man is really a jerk for blaming Dawn for Sally’s surprise visit.  Quiet honestly, it really wasn’t a big deal that Sally showed up at all, I don’t know what the man is freaking out about.  Maybe he’s feeling insecure about his position at Sterling Cooper & P, and Don’s presence at the company is still haunting him?  Regardless, he has no rights to yell at Dawn like that, and I hope he gets the worst when Don finally returns.  As if.

Both Joan and Dawn receive some wonderful promotion this episode.  After having to deal with all the messes in the office, Jim notices that Joan has been doing two jobs, and he prompts her to stay at the upstairs office with the other partners.  It’s a promotion Joan well deserved, but it’s nothing compares to Dawn’s.  After being removed as asshole Lou’s secretary, Dawn was first placed as the reception.  But Bert’s racism forces Joan to give Dawn a new job, and what’s better than promotes her to Joan’s old job?  Dawn has always proven to be an effective secretary, it’s great to see she got the recognition she deserved.


Meanwhile, it’s also revealed that Dawn’s has been secretly feeding Sterling Cooper & P’s information to Don.  Yep, she’s Don’s secret spy.  I have a real bad feeling what Don’s going to use the information for, especially when he’s been having lunch with the rival firms.  Maybe this is his way of punishing the company for letting him go, but please don’t have the poor woman involved in your scheme.

The scenes between Sally and Don are great.  Don’s a con man, and Sally, like father like daughter, is one too.  The whole car trip back to Sally’s school is just one long journey to see who’s going to crack fist.  It’s a great bonding moment for the two here, as Don finally reveals to her that he’s not working at Sterling Cooper anymore.  However, it doesn’t feel as powerful as it should be, as last season’s finale we saw Don planning to come clean with Sally anyway.  It feels strange that after Don decides to be more honest with his family, he would hide something this big from them.  It’s also revealed that even Megan doesn’t know Don’s not working anymore either.  This also explains why he’s not living in LA with Megan.  It’s unknown if Don’s really too ashamed to tell his family what happened, or he secretly has something else planned…

It’s also clear that Don has been pretty lonely and sad now.  He sleeps until afternoon, and eager to have Dawn comes in to have a seat.  The lunch he has with the rival firm has him says that he’s “just looking for love.”  While he might be joking, but it holds a certain truth here that he might really be that lonely, and desperately seeking human interactions just to feel that people care.

While it’es interesting and all to have Pete and Ted out in LA, the story feels kind of boring.  Ted still doesn’t have any progress, and Pete has been dating a real estate agent.  It’s always Pete’s story to find the woman right for him, and he always has problems establishing his manhood, so it’s not a surprise that he ends up in a relationship with someone with a stronger personality than him.  Meanwhile, it seems like Pete still holds strong grudges against Bob Benson, who’s been name dropped a couple of times this episode.  It’s bizarre that we haven’t actually seen Bob yet, but hopefully that’s going to change soon.

Overall, “A Day’s Work” features some great moments in the office as we see Joan and Dawn dealing with unreasonable problems.  The first season 7 appearance of Sally is great, and there are some great moments between her and Don.  Peggy is becoming an unreasonable character, and maybe this is what the producers want Peggy’s ultimate fate be- a lonely person no better than Don’s current situation.



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