10 Things I Noticed From DC July 2014 Solicitations

Things I noticed from July 2014 Solicitations.

1. New Titles:


We talked about these before, and it’s really exciting DC is having 4 new titles this month.  Grayson, Teen Titan, New Suicide Squad and Star Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie (holy moly!).  The titles are released just before the September’s Futures End event, so it’s really exciting to see how them play out.

2. Justice League Delays.  Again:


Due to the Forever Evil delay, Justice League #32, which was originally for June, is going to be for July now.  This means we’re getting Justice League #32 and #33 in July.  However, DC’s official website still list both Justice League #30 and #31 for May.  This means we’re not getting Justice League at all for June.  It’s unknown why DC decides to do this.  Once things catch up in May, Justice League should go back to regular publishing again in June.  Well, two Justice League next month is still pretty cool, and that means we’re still going to see the new Power Ring next month anyway.


3. Superman Unchained is Back:


Earlier this month, DC announced they’re pulling Superman Unchained off its originally solicitations.  While this put the title in limbo, it’s great to see it out that quickly.  Superman Unchained #8 will return in July, and that most likely mean the series will conclude in August.

4. Aquaman and Wonder Woman:


Aquaman annual #2 has Aquaman and Wonder Woman teaming up to fight Giant-Born.  While it’s unknown what that is, it’s interesting to see the two teaming up.  Last time anything comes close to a Aquaman and Wonder Woman relationship is back in 2011’s Flashpoint.  You see why I think this is interesting now?

Yeah, just kidding.  I’m only purely think the team-up is interesting.

5. A New Person under Green Arrow’s hood?


Thanks to the TV show, Green Arrow is getting a lot of love these days.  And now we’re having a new Green Arrow?  What?  Who can it be?  It’s hard to tell now, but the candidates range from Ollie’s new baby sister, or even his father?  Only time will tell.

6. Sinestro and Hal Cross Path?


Geoff Johns’ end on Green Lantern makes it seem like we’re not going to see Sinestro for a long time.  He then first appeared in Forever Evil, received his own ongoing series, and now he and Hal cross path?  It’s an exciting news, and I’m looking forward to see how it’s going to play out.

7. Wonder Woman Team Leaving:


This issue is going to be the first of Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang’s final arc on their epic Wonder Woman.  They make Wonder Woman matters again with their epic run, and it’s sad to see them go.

8. Worlds’ Finest are Home:


After 24 issues, and more than two years of run, Worlds’ Finest Power Girl and Huntress are finally home on Earth 2.  It doesn’t seem like they’re going to stay there long though, the place is no longer how they knew it, and not to mention the evil Superman on the cover.  He might just sent the two back to our main Earth again.

9. Val-Zod Dons Superman’s Cape:


Val-Zod is finally accpeting his role as the new Superman for Earth 2!  Hooray!  The character has been great, and it’s been an interesting journey reading the pages of Earth 2, and seeing how a new hero is born.  Also, his name being Zod, he might be Earth 2 Zod’s kid, or simply General Zod of Earth 2 himself.

10. Zero Year Finally Ends:


It’s not a bad event, but man, it has been going on for too long.  Now Zero Year is going to end in July, I’m looking forward to see what Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have planned for us next.


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