One Piece Chapter 745 Review



Here we go, the final stage of Dressrosa arc.  Doflamingo actives “Birdcage,” his ability to trap the entire island, and prevent them from revealing the dark secrets of Dressrosa.  The strings are sharp and slices everyone who tries to pass them.  At the same time, for some magical reason, the dome created by strings can cut off  Den Den Mushi’s signal as well.  I’m not going to go too deep on that, cause it’s only going to make my head hurt.  However, it’s still very exciting to see things coming to an end, and the stakes are high.

It’s revealed that the Doflamingo that was decapitated by Kyros is only a copy controlled by strings.  It’s not clear how it really works, and it seems like even Doflamingo’s people are confused with what’s going on here.  Well, Baby-5 honey, you’re not the only one.  It’s really bizarre exactly how Doflamingo pulls this off, but it’s not the first time he control objects with his string ability.  Also, Pica’s ability is starting to seem like a bug now.  Now only he can fuse his body with any stone objects, he can even do so by fusing with the entire island.  Now if his body is part of the island, shouldn’t he be effected by the ocean the island is residing on?  Booyah!  I just found a bug!  

Nah, just kidding, I’m just being difficult here.  But seriously though, now that Pica is part of the entire island, the fight is going to be more difficult than ever.  How are our heroes going to escape from this one.

Meanwhile, it’s a cute scene to see Robin reunited with the Revolution Army member this chapter.  I almost forgot that Robin spent two years with these people, and it’s no wonder Koala misses her.  This also reminds me that she need to be more spoken up with the things she learned from Revolution Army, and Oda needs to at least dedicate a whole chapter with what everyone learned when they were separated.  

Overall, the chapter is great, and Doflamingo makes Birdcage a game for the citizens to actually kill him off.  The alternate option is to bring the heads of people he named.  He has not reveal the names yet, but it’s pretty obvious who they’re going to be.



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