Original Sin #0 Review


Who is the Watcher?

I’m going to be quite honest at the front- I’m not all that familiar with the Marvel Universe.  There, I said it.  The reason is because I bet on the wrong horse, and decide to dedicate my time to the DC Universe.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like Marvel, it just means that I’m more knowledgeable with what’s going on with DC, and I don’t usually bother with crossover events.  Original Sin is different.  It’s like a mystery novel wrapped in Superhero comic packages, and it’s my type of story.  Speaking in a DC Comics term, it’s like Marvel’s Identity Crisis, which is my favorite comic, but bigger.  I’m all intrigued.

Original Sin #0 is perfect for people like me who’re not familiar with Marvel Universe.  It allows us to understand what Uatu the Watcher’s role in the universe is, and it’s all done through the narration of Sam Alexander.  The issue not only allows us to understand better who Uatu really is, it also serves as an origin story as well.  It’s essentially Utau’s own original sin.  It’s also fun to have Utau to not say a word at all, and it makes the only dialogue more powerful than ever.

Nova is really a wonderful character this issue.  His desire to understand Uatu better serves as a great narration, and his desire to know his father’s whereabouts is a great motivation.  It creates a bond between the two characters, and it only makes what’s going to happen more tragic than anything.  The art in the issue is great as well, and it’s really a shame that Jim Cheung is not doing the event solo like it orignally stated.  However, the additional inker is great, and the issue even has some great splash page that have you to fall in love with.

Overall, Original Sin is already starting to seem like a very promising event, and I can’t wait for it to start already.



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