Secret Origins #1 Review


For those who haven’t read Zero Month stories yet.  I think.

Secret Origins #1 retold the origin stories of Superman, Dick Grayson and Supergirl.  The stories here were already told in pages in Zero Month, so it’s not really new information for most readers.  Maybe this series would be great for new readers who are not familiar with New 52 characters’ origins, but as of this issues, it simply retold the story we already known.  However, the writers do mange to tell the story from a different point of view, thus making the stories more interesting.

The Superman story is retold by both his mothers, Mama Kent and Mama El.  It’s a nice touch for us to see how being loved by the right people can really shape a person, and it’s probably the best story out of the three.  Dick Grayson origin is great, as it really highlights how different he and Batman are when facing similar situations.  When Batman mourns his parents’ death, Grayson decides to celebrate his life.  The story is also written by Kyle Higgins, so it also serves as a great reverse-ending for Higgins run on Nightwing.  The weakest story out of three is Supergirl’s.  While it allows us to understand who Supergirl is in the world of New 52, the origin story is awfully too familiar with the one told in Zero Month, and without new insights.  

Overall, Secret Origins has high potential.  I’m looking forward for the issue that features characters who don’t have origin stories during Zero Month.  Also, the issue can serve as a chance to redo some of the bad origins told before.  I have a weak spot for origin stories, so I’m going to keep this series on my pull-list for a while.  Hopefully the future issues won’t disappoint, and we get to see some great origins being told.



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