The Walking Dead #126 Review


All out War finale.

All out War finally comes to end after 6 months of publishing.  It’s been the longest time since Negan was first introduced, and it’s great to see the conflict between the two groups end here.  However, after all the hypes, All out War doesn’t feel like the event we were promised before, and the outcome is hardly satisfying at all.  The event is said to be the game changer for The Walking Dead, but it doesn’t feel like that at all.

Last issue ends at Rick slicing Negan’s throat, I was hoping the result will be something different.  I was hoping Rick will have a better reason to slice Negan’s throat, or the blade is actually tainted with walker gunk or something.  It turns out the attack is just a point to make, so the Saviors will know that Rick means business, and there is a new leader in town now.  Man, Dwight even manages to calm the Savior down before Michonne and others begin to attack.  It was intense though, when the two sides begin to fight again.  I really though someone is going to die during the confusion, but the worst thing is Rick got a broken leg, which was fixed soon after.

I’m not saying a good event needs to have any major casualties, but is Kirkman really expecting us to believe our characters would just survive this war?  However, I do like the fact that Rick cannot see the differences between him and other villains now.  Rick has always think himself better than other people, and his the good guy.  A good guy would never attack someone like that, regardless if he’s planning on saving the person later or not.  It’s interesting how the comic series has been kind of reflecting what the TV is about currently as well.  The thin line between good and bad has been really blurred recently, and Rick is starting to not see it anymore.

Overall, All out War is not the event we were promised, and it doesn’t need the 12 issues it received.  The series is supposed to take a whole new direction after this, and the only way I can see this is through a time-skip for us to see this newly established community.  Hopefully that will be the case, and looking forward to see the new Walking Dead next month.



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