10 Things I Noticed From DC Advance September 2014 Solicitations


Things I noticed in advance September 2014 solicitations.

As a surprise move, DC released their September solicitations in advance and it’s a crazy world.  It’s an annual tradition for DC to have some sort of event in September, and this year they’re doing Futures End, a look into DC Universe 5 years into the future.

Since the advance solicitations doesn’t have any cover images, I’m just going to go ahead and do a quick list without images as well.  We will update the list once official solicitations come out in a couple months.

1. Booster Gold:

It’s been a while since we last saw him, and Booster Gold is finally making a return this September, and with his own issue as well.  As of now, it’s unknown if he’s will be getting his own ongoing series, but it’s good to know he’s still around.

2. Teen Titan and The New Heroes:

A lot of people are dying in Futures End, and this include Teen Titans as well.  The young heroes are dead, and they will be replaced by a group of young heroes.  Who can these heroes be???

3. Flash vs. Future Flash:

Flash’s news arc begins this month, and we also found out that Barry Allen is the mysterious Blue Flash from the future as sell.  It seems like this arc will last all the way into the Futures End, and his action will somehow effect Wally West’s fate.

4. War Between two Earths:

Earth 2’s solicitation confirmed that our main Earth and Earth 2 will be in a war.  I have a feeling that in the near future, both Earths will merge into one or something, but only time will tell.

5. Mera the Queen:

It seems like Arthur will cheat on Mera in the future, and she will be he queen of Atlantis.  Not to mention the Dead King is still around, and he will be leading The Others.

6. Helmet of Fate:

Dr. Fate is all the way out at Earth 2, so it’s unknown how Constantine got the Helmet of Fate.  Maybe it’s another hint that the two world will finally actually merge into one.

7. A New Green Arrow:

Again, a new Green Arrow is hinted here.  July’s Solicitations talks about a new Green Arrow, and it’s mentioned in September again.  I’m very, very intrigued who the Green Arrow will be.

8. The New Superman:

There’s going to be a new Superman around with black mask and black costume.  Who can this Superman be, and what happened to Kal-El?

9. Batman Family Changes:

A lot of Batman family members are receiving new status quo.  Batman is ally with The Riddler, Batgirl is the Black Beast, Batwing is rebuilding Leviathan, Black Canary is the head of League of Assassins and it seems like Batwoman is a vampire now?  The Future is going to be really fun.

10. Harley and Joker Getting Hitched:  

Yeah, and then that happened.


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