Game of Thrones “Oathkeeper” Review


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An interesting episode with a shocking revelation, “Oathkeeper” is definitely a better episode than last week’s.  It answers questions, progresses the stories and introduces us something we didn’t know about the world of Game of Thrones.

The ending with the White Walkers are shocking.  For the longest time, we’ve been wondering what the White Walkers are doing with the babies, but it’s not revealed until now.  It turns out that they’re using the babies to increase their army.  We already know that if you’re killed by a White Walker, you come back as a Wight, minions of the White Walker.  However, it turns out they the Walkers also have the ability to directly transform the babies into a White Walker too.

While the final scene doesn’t necessary explain where the White Walkers’ origin, it does explain how they make new ones.  Game of Thrones usually has us forget the show is a political drama one that takes place in a fantasy setting, and it’s great the show reminds us of that every once in a while.

This episode also gives Bran and his gang some great story, and allows his path to possibly cross with Jon’s.  The reason I said possibly is because the show always like to have the Stark family so close to each others, but never get to actually meet.  But hey, I’m a big fan of happy reunion, and it would be really nice change for once, even though I highly doubt it will happen.

It’s unknown what the mutineers want to do with Bran and others, but I’m really scared for Hodor, Ghost and Summer.  Hopefully they can all get tout of this one alive.

gameofthrones14_74 (2)

This are pretty crazy back at King’s Landing again.  I thought it’s pretty obvious what happened to Joffrey’s murder after last week’s episode, but it doesn’t seem like the case.  This episode we have Littlefinger comes clean with Sansa with exactly how he and his accomplice murdered Joffrey, and Lady Olenna straight up told Margaery she killed Joffrey for her.  At the same time, she also offers Margaery advice to have power over the new king.  Even though it leads to some very uncomfortable scene between her and Tommen, it still great to see Margaery taking things into her own hands.

It’s gross that Littlefinger is on her way to marry Sansa’s aunt.  Yes, the same crazy aunt that still feeds her overgrown kid.  Also, I don find it cute that both Sansa and Tyrion believe each others are not the murderer.  Even though they don’t really get along at all.

After dealing with Cersei, Jaime decides to send Brienne out on the mission to bring Sansa back, along with the trusty Pod.  Having Jaime to send Brienne out show how much he trusts her, and it’s also a way to ensure her safety.  Things are not doing too well for her back in King’s Landing, and it’s clear that Cersei is jealous of Brienne, and Jaime can tell it too.  Sending Brienne away from King’s Landing is a way to keep her safe from Cersei, and it can also serve as Jaime’s promise to keep the Stark girls safe.  The only question is, where’s Brienne supposed to bring Sansa to if she found her?  The crazy aunt again?

Lastly, that’s not forget the exciting event on Dany’s side.  Once again, she manages to rescue a city of slaves, and it’s exciting news for her.  However, it seems like the show is suggesting that the success is starting to get to her head, and she might be a little cocky now and not listing to her man’s advice.  It’s a powerful move for her to actually nail up 163 people, and I hope it won’t come back to harm her somehow.

Overall, “Oathkeeper” prepares us for what’s coming next in the world of Game of Thrones.  It has fun story progression, and it’s great to see characters usually left aside receiving some great stories.  Also, it allows to us to see an unseen side of White Walkers, and reminds us what this show is about.



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