Mad Men “Field Trip” Review


I’m hungry~ waaaaa

Just when I thought last week’s episode was uncomfortable, this week’s is even more.  “Field Trip” has Don returns to Sterling Cooper & Partners, but it’s nothing like you expected.  The agony Don experienced while waiting for Roger is not any better than Peggy last week.  If anything, worst.

It’s such a great and awkward sequence to have Don stressing about going back to work and actually waiting for Roger to return.  There’s a high tension in the office among the partners, and it’s great seeing Lou freaking out over Don’s appearance.  Ever since last week’s episode, it’s clear that Lou feels threaten with Don’s presence, but man, that guy really needs to take a chill pill.  Regardless, Don really is a legend among his people, and all the writers can’t wait to have Don help them out with their works.  It’s really funny that Peggy distastes Don’s presence, and she was basically throwing herself all over Don’s work few episodes ago.

At the end, Don’s allowed to be back to work at Sterling Cooper & P, even though the condition is horrible.  He doesn’t have much creative freedom as before, and he has to report to that dreadful Lou.  It’s probably the lowest point of Don, but it’s interesting to see that he’s willing to work from the bottom again.

It’s horrible that Roger didn’t tell anyone Don’s coming, but at least he stands by him the entire time.  No one from the company really want Don to return, and it’s sad that the only reason they considered is because they don’t want to buy his partnership out.  Also, I really enjoy Roger’s scene when he thought Don was his BLT.  When the hippie girl showed up, I really though BLT was code for something until I realized she was actually holding a sandwich bag.


Meanwhile, things are not doing well between Megan and Don.  Again.  I’m actually surprised that the two are not over yet, and the two continue their awkward long distance relationship.  It’s a powerful moment for Don to finally come clean with Megan that he’s been out of work for the longest time.  It shows that he’s finally willing to admit that he needs to change, and maybe even time to back to work again.  It’s ironic that for the firs time ever, Don’s really not cheating on Megan, but Megan doesn’t believe him at all.  Don is not the same as before anymore, and his old cheating ways are over (for now).

Betty has her first appearance this season, and she has to be super Betty about it.  It’s nice to see her around, and Bobby receives some cool storyline as well.  It’s really nice that she decides to go on on field trip with Bobby, talking about monster with his son, and even being the cool mom that try the milk in front of the whole class.  Then she has to go and ruin everything by not forgiving Bobby for making a silly little mistake.  It’s stupid for her to think that Bobby doesn’t love her, and her childlike tendency is getting pretty ridiculous these days.  It seems like the theme this season is people making a fool out of themselves.  Peggy being silly about Ted’s situation, Lou showing insecurity, Don in an embarrassing position at the company, and Betty being ridiculous with her kid.

Overall, “Field Trip” is a great episode that put our characters in very uncomfortable spots.  By putting yourself out in unfamiliar spots, you might have unexpected results due to it.  Can’t wait to see how Don is going to act now that he’s not in charge of things, and have to work under someone untalented like Lou.



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