QGR: Lollipop Chainsaw


Juliet is sexy.  That’s all I have to say.  

Quick Game Review (QGR) is a new segment where we take advantage of our newly acquired GameFly account, and play some older games we know are either going to be bad, or not good enough for us to actually spend money on.  The review will be quick, short and straight to the point.  Who knows, we might actually find gold through this method.

Original release date: June 12th, 2012.

Lollipop Chainsaw is not a bad game.  I mean, sure the gameplay can be repetitive from time to time, but damn it, it reallyis one of the most beautiful game ever.  The character model grabs your attention, and the soundtrack is really one of the kind.  And Juliet, oh Juliet is probably the most meta character I’ve seen for the longest time, and I fall in love with her right away.

However, these are all just Lollipop Chainsaw on the presentation, and the game itself is not good at all.  The game is a simple kill them all kind where you control Juliet to kill as many zombies as possible.  The gameplay gets tired quickly, and there isn’t much depth in it at all.  You kill zombies over and over and that’s it.  Every once in a while, the game will offer different play modes, but none of them are interesting enough to redeem the overall game.

The game also features an 8-bit level.  If you read my South Park: The Stick of Truth review before, then you would know that I’m a big fan of those surprised levels.  However, even that couldn’t save Lollipop Chainsaw from the boring gameplay.  Also, this might be one of the most difficult level in the whole game, since the graphic turned 8-bit, the game also turned into an arcade-like no mercy game as well.  If you died in a level, you have to start over.  I can’t help it but feel the game programmer spent too much money on the overall beautiful graphic, and they have to save the money by giving us the 8-bit level.

Other than the boring gameplay, everything else about the game is great.  Story is chessy, but in a good way.  The voice talents are superb with the legendary Tara Strong as the sexy Juliet.  The graphic is colorful, and even some jokes are funny too.  Heck, I’m not a big fan of viewing unlockable extras in a game, and even I’m willing to look through them one by one.

I can’t stress enough how much I like Lollipop Chainsaw, but at the same time how much I don’t like it.  Hopefully the studio is willing to give the franchise another try, and we get to see more of Juliet in the future.


Up next: Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.


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