Bates Motel “The Box” Review


The revelation.

I was right last week about how the show dances around issues, but never really touched upon them.  “The Box” is an improvement compares to last week’s episode, and it finally deal with the problems the writers were too afraid to deal with last week.  However, it’s still not the same show we’ve known and loved from earlier, and the whole episode is just another set up for the season finale.

It’s finally revealed in this episode the truth behind Miss Watson’s death.  It turns out Norman did have sex with her, and he also did murder her.  It’s not that much of a shocking revelation, but it completely rids any hope that Norman might be innocent.  However, this is a psycho prequel, so I don’t understand how people have any hope for this little psychopath.  It’s a really uncomfortable scene to see Miss Watson seduces Norman, and the whole time Norman has Norma’s voice echoing in his head.  It seems like most of the time when Norman wants to kill, he takes on his mother’s persona.  Is this really how Norman sees his mother, as a unforgiving killer?  It is, however, a powerful scene for Norman to rediscover himself when he’s all lock up in a small box.  Nothing but darkness and the pounding sounds of rain.  There’s no more perfect time for a person to reflect on things he has done.

Meanwhile, Norma is a wreck waiting for Norman’s return.  It really shows how unstable she is when her son is not around, and they way she yelled and George and doubled back is unbearable.  Not to mention she just received news from Romero that Norman had sex with Miss Watson before her death.  Now I’m not sure if she’s more worried that Norman really is the killer, or she’s more upset about the sex and she feels like being cheated on.  The most fun thing about Bates Motel has always been the unstable relationship between Norman and Norma.  Sometime you will get one of those scene that makes you cringe, and sometime you will be confused if the interaction between the two is appropriate or not.

The whole drug war plotline just dropped a big steamy pile in the middle of it.  The whole thing with Dylan failed to kill Zane, and end up killing Nick Ford is silly.  I really thought the story would take a more interesting approach, and we get to see Dylan shifting his alliance over to Ford’s side.  But no, the story takes a big meaningless circle, and we’re back at Dylan killing Ford instead.  It’s also strange to have Ford exiting the show now, as his men just found Blaire Watson’s pearl necklace inside Norman’s pocket.  The show would be so much more interesting to have Ford wanting to kill Norman, believing he’s his daughter’s murderer.

I’m a big fan of Emma’s, but she’s really annoying in this episode.  I understand the frustration of working in a place where people don’t tell you anything, but knock it off with the silly confrontations.  Bates Motel is a family business, and you feel like part of the family is great and all, but it doesn’t mean you get to be a cry baby about it.  This season hasn’t been great with Emma’s character, and it seems like she’s quitting the job for good now.  It’s a nice moment for Norma to say that Emma is a part of family, but knowing how people closed to the Bates turn out, I think it’s better if Emma stays as far away from these people as possible.

It’s also revealed that the reason Romero wants to keep Norman’s DNA discovery under the rug is because he doesn’t want people to know he sent the wrong person the jail.  I knew he cannot be that nice, and he just wants to keep his job.  Overall, while “The Box” is basically a set up for next week’s season finale, it does progress the story and no longer just dance around the problems.  It’s unknown what’s going to happen next week, but a death or tow is unavoidable.



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